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Our fellow Americans, this must be said!

March 29, 2010

Our fellow Americans, this must be said.

The threats, insults, and acts of violence that may (or may not) be coming from a few rogue individuals associating themselves with the Tea Parties are condemned outright and they are not welcome in our movement. However, what has come from them as individuals is almost nothing, is childs play, compared to that coming from the collective peoples of the Black Panthers and certain others associated with them. Their vitriol is wide spread and comes not from their few, but from their entire movement as it has for years.

The attacks from the black panthers have been astounding. “Call me a N^%*`r and I’ll punch you in the face, knock you down and give you a F%&!*g beating, kick your a$$ bad and bloody”

They call Tea party members “teabaggers and faggots”, saying “they rape little boys with added disgusting and graphic vulgarity”, calling them and all Republicans “scum and things much much worse”

These people respond to words with sticks (billyclubs) and stones (firebombs). Yes words may hate, but they don’t kill. They have forsaken the teachings of their parents, the same lessons we were all tought growing up. They even at times relegate themselves to being the enemies of their own brothers and sisters, with acts of violence and insults calling them Uncle Toms’, and more importantly – things much worse.

Well here’s some news for you Panthers who’s history of violence, intimidation, and hypocrisy is outrageous. We Patriots are the ones who denounce the violence and racism, you are the ones who encourage it, provoke it, bait it, and are more racist than anyone we’ve ever known. You are the racists with your Black Nationalist/Black Power theology, blends of Marxism and Communism, and other treasonous alliances. You are un-Patriotic, you are un-American, and you are such fools in this modern day of opportunity whereby you would forsake it all for Chaos. How ironic you would enslave yourselves to the likes of the Jeremiah Wrights and Louis Farrakahns of the world. May you crouch down and lick those hands that feed and fuel you, may your new self-imposed chains sit lightly upon you, and may the posterity that you have forsaken, forget ye were our countrymen!

Our families that once fought for you, now forget you, and not by our choosing, but by your own. We now can only pray; God, where these despotic animals may bring down themselves, may all the good Black American people of our country, many of whom are our friends and even members of our group, and who do not subscribe to panther ways, be spared from their shame and from the fires of hell they so happily fan!

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