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Unbelievable stats/figures and failed leadership in New York

March 31, 2010

Here is an example of not only what our Federal Representatives in NY have been doing to us over the years, but also what our State Representatives have been letting happen. But one example of how they are failing us. Schumer, Gillibrand, Clinton (was), Higgins, Slaughter, Massa (was), Patterson, Spitzer (was), Cuomo, Silver, Smith, Bruno (was), Espada, and many others one and all.

New York’s Federal Balance of Payments Shortfall

New York sends substantially more revenue to the Federal government than it receives in the form of Federal spending and aid. In 2008, the State’s negative balance of payments (BOP) between Federal taxes paid by its taxpayers and Federal spending in New York totaled $55.6 billion, the highest of any state in the nation. Over a ten-year period through 2008, the State’s shortfall totaled more than $600 billion.

Top Ten State BOP Shortfalls
(2008 – $ in millions)
State Shortfall
New York (55,576)
New Jersey (50,450)
Minnesota (42,779)
Illinois (34,199)
Texas (25,671)
Ohio (20,437)
California (18,160)
Connecticut (15,542)
Delaware (14,966)
Washington (10,451)
This BOP imbalance only will grow larger with the final heath care reform legislation being passed. Just for starts, it’s estimated that this will cost New York state another $1Billion per year, New Yorkers will be responsible for paying a large share of the cost of health care reform in the form of additional taxes and other revenue increases, while Federal aid to the State remains essentially flat.


State Workforce out of control

Approximately 94 percent of the State workforce is unionized. Most of the nine employee unions and 14 negotiating units have collective bargaining contracts with the State that provide a general salary increase of four percent in April 2010. There are approximately ONLY 12,000 Management/Confidential (M/C) employees who are not represented by a union.

State employees receive an average compensation of $63,750 plus fringe benefits, well above the private sector averages.

The largest State employers are:

Agency Workforce
(3/31/10 Estimate)
State University of New York 41,778
Department of Correctional Services 30,027
Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities 21,786
Office of Mental Health 16,297
City University of New York 12,933

 Summary of Spending (All Funds)

Category 2009-10
($ in millions)
($ in millions)
(in millions)
State Workforce Salary Costs 13,463 13,127 (336) (2.5)
State Workforce Fringe Benefit Costs 5,437 6,007 570 10.5
Total State Workforce Personnel Costs 18,900 19,134 +234 +1.2
Amounts shown include the Legislature and Judiciary

Figures from the Governor and his budget office – 2010 – Public schools spending unsustainable

What this shows you is 2 things. One we are spending more than anyone yet we don’t get the best results, proof that throwing more money at our schools will not improve them. Two, the Union ranks benefit while the kids and the tax payer suffers, under this corrupt, broken, irresponsible system we call NY State government.

New York public schools spend more per pupil overall ($15,546) than nearly any other state and 61 percent above the national average.

New York ranks first in per pupil spending for school district employee salaries ($7,328, or 71 percent above the national average) and benefits ($2,901, which is 109 percent above the national average).

This reflects a combination of heavy local taxes and significant State spending.

In recent years, during the Wall Street boom, School Aid increased at a rapid and unsustainable rate. Even after the year-to-year reduction to School Aid proposed in the current Executive Budget, State support for education would still have increased by $6.1 billion or 42 percent compared to 2003-04 – twice the rate of inflation (19 percent) during that period.

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