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Take the polls – support the Tea Party, Palin, and Arizona

May 4, 2010

Do You Back the Tea Party?

Vote in This Urgent Poll


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Sarah Palin’s role in the GOP and her political future?

Cast Your Vote!http://news1.newsmax.com/palin-in-2012/?PROMO_CODE=9BA4-1

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Send Free Fax Below to Your Members of Congress:
“Congress Must Follow Arizona’s Lead”

Send the FREE FAX found below and urge your Members of Congress to follow Arizona’s lead and pass serious immigration reform legislation.


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200,000 “NO AMNESTY” Petitions Needed To Opposing Obama’s Coming Immigration Reform Push


Though the media isn’t saying so, President Obama is keenly interested in moving forward with a comprehensive immigration reform plan in 2010 — one that would grant more than 10 million illegals instant access to benefits, jobs. Grassfire Nation is moving rapidly to amass at least 200,000 citizens who oppose amnesty. 
Sign our petition opposing Amnesty for Illegals
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