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Death by a thousand new regulations

May 16, 2010


Democrats bring death by a thousand new regulations

Ed Lasky

Democrats love regulations and rules. Their desire to impose them goes beyond a desire to create a nanny state. They desire a bully state where they control major aspects of society.
     Complaints from industry leaders are intensifying. Manufacturers, home builders, toymakers and others say that Washington has been overzealous about imposing new requirements, and they warn of serious consequences for businesses and consumers. While The Times naturally characterizes this as being good for America and disparages George Bush (the paper is still OCDing about Bush, as is Barack Obama) the net result will be the throttling of small businesses across America and a decline in the only thing that will save us from fiscal disaster: growth.

This is what we get when we elect left-wing Democrats who have no real experience in the business world and whose animus towards capitalism is becoming more visible and damaging as the days go by.

The upside for them: they can count the dollars coming in as businesses and professionals try to soften or influence the impact of the rules. Trial lawyers will have new avenues to enrich their bank accounts by filing suit after suit against businesses for violating obscure regs that never before existed.

The absurdity of this approach is clear in the ObamaCare legislation. Among its features are a requirement that all businesses file 1099s for any person or vendor that they pay $600 or more over the course of the year. This will be a nightmare for many small businessmen already laboring under the impact of existing rules , as well as other ObamaCare impacts, as this Investors Business Daily column makes clear.

One dynamic might mitigate the burden on small businesses, but at the expense of other small businesses. To make it easier to comply, businesses will channel purchases towards larger businesses; thereby minimizing the need to issue many 1099s. But the feds won’t stop there. This New York Times column makes it clear that we are entering a new era: one of maximal rules and regulations…..

May 16, 2010

Dumb media revelation for today

Rick Moran

The usually sensible Hill newspaper has a headline in its OnLine edition: “Health reform threatens to cram already overwhelmed emergency rooms.”

It might have been better if,like, you know, they had bothered to splash that headline during the debate over health care reform when opponents were making that very point.

For example:

“Healthcare Reform Will Make Emergency Room Crowding Even Worse” said Joe Weisenthal in Business Insider article nearly two years ago…………

    To which opponents of Obamacare say “duh.”Sure would have been nice to see a piece like this in most media outlets prior to the vote on health care reform. If the people who are actually going to build hospitals tell us that there will be a massive increase in the number of people visiting emergency rooms, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to let everyone in on the secret prior to passing this trillion dollar monstrosity?

Just asking…

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