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Obama’s Katrina – the BP oil spill disaster.. Incompetence, exploiting a crisis, or both

May 27, 2010

MSNBC’s Todd: Is Oil Spill ‘Wasted Disaster’ If Congress Doesn’t Introduce New Energy Legislation?

By Matt Hadro | Fri, 06/04/2010 – 18:09
Chuck Todd “hated” to say it but just had to get it out anyway–would the BP oil spill, arguably the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history (Katrina now forgotten), be a “missed opportunity” for Congress to capitalize on “disaster” to enact energy legislation should it fail to do anything in its wake?

Discussing what the reaction of Congress and the Obama administration should be to the spill during an interview with Tom Daschle on MSNBC’s June 4 “Daily Rundown,” Todd asked:

So if energy legislation isn’t taken up and dealt with, this would basically be–I hate to put it this way–a wasted disaster?

June 02, 2010
Obama Exploits Oil Spill Anger to Push Cap & Trade

May 26, 2010

James Carville lays into Obama’s do nothing Gulf Spill policy

James Carville, a Louisiana Cajun, is moved to near desperation in his denunciation of President Obama’s failure to lead .
More    (and that just says it all don’t it? When Carville attacks a fellow Dem, especially Obama, you know it’s serious)

Just in: BP’s ‘top kill’ method is reportedly effective in stopping the flow of oil and gas that has been pouring into the Gulf of Mexico for weeks.
Obama to Extend Moratorium on New Oil Drilling (of course, because it’s not just BP’s fault, it’s everyone’s fault right?)

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  • White House Takes Heat Over Spill Response
    Billy Nungesser, the president of Plaquemines Parish on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, has a blunt message for Barack Obama: Cut out the middleman, Mr. President.
    “There’s been a failure of leadership on all levels. Who in the hell is in charge?” said Nungesser, who is prodding the administration to back a controversial plan to build sand barriers to block the oil.
    Until this week, the Obama administration had largely managed to deflect responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon disaster onto others — vowing to keep a “boot on the throat” of BP, while slamming lax oversight on the part of federal regulators during the Bush administration, as if the blame Bush game has gotten old enough already.
    But now, with crude lapping into the bayou, even Obama’s defenders have turned critical. A White House that prides itself on operational competence and message discipline has been frustrated by an environmental catastrophe it can’t predict, can’t control and can’t out-message — and the strain is showing.

    But of course you know Obama is a very busy man,

    Under Fire for Oil Spill, Obama Hosting 3 Fundraisers for Boxer

    President Obama will land in the Bay Area today to raise money for U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s re-election campaign as an anti-incumbent wave has Republicans in blue California convinced this is their best shot in years to oust their liberal nemesis.
    The president’s two-day trip, which includes a pitch Wednesday for green jobs, underscores the high stakes for Democrats, who want to avoid a big loss this year in California, which could be a blow to the party in the 2012 presidential election.
    Many Democratic Party insiders concede that Boxer, long viewed as “a cat with many lives,” could finally be out of them and more vulnerable than other Democrats this year.  
    Obama’s trip to the Bay Area, a little more than a month after he already traveled to Los Angeles for Boxer fundraisers, intends to help the three-term senator on two fronts: Today, he’s expected to help raise $1.5 million, a possible record for a U.S. Senate campaign, in events at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel. 
    On Wednesday, he’ll head to Fremont to appear at an event at solar energy firm Solyndra Inc., where he will underscore green technology, an issue that Boxer holds as central to her role as the first woman to chair the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

    After all, is todays wonderful economy, why create several regular jobs when you can create 1 green job. Maybe these hoodwinkers ought to start playing in reality, government doesn’t create jobs to begin with, unless it’s a government job or a subsidized job and either way that’s job another tax payer expense!


    Now let’s just be clear on one thing, there’s alot we don’t know about this spill with regard to BP and just how culpable they are. We are not defending them in any way, and you can attack them, call them self interested, irresponcible, and whatever you want, we certainly won’t stop you. However, we are very concerned with what We Do Know about our Do Nothing Administration:

    We know that the government is not solving this problem. 

    – We know that the government chose to neglect close supervision of BP’s actions even knowing BP’s long and remarkable history of serious safety violations and even instances of criminal conduct. 

    – We know that for the last three years it has been inexplicably agreed between the government and BP that any spills would likely be “sublethal” should they ever occur.

    – We know that after the spill, the government cannot even get the key government employee responsible for overseeing BP to appear before Congress. He simply refused.  (good thing he’s not a baseball player or a car company executive huh!)

    – We know that the government cannot get BP to stop using the chemicals being pumped into the ocean at a horrific rate. We know the government is not helping in this situation.

    – We know that unlike Katrina to which the first responsibility was with the Governor of a state, not Washington, in this matter occuring out at sea there is no state and so the only responsibility lies with Washington. In this respect this is Obama’s Katrina and he is faring far worse than Bush did, or at least with an honest press doinbg their work, he should be.

    So, what can be done? Who can help us? At this point, our only hope is that the American people will take this matter into their own hands, use the laws and the civil process that exist to right these types of wrongs, and hold BP and the other companies involved accountable. We know there is no other option. Whether this will be enough is the final unknown, but it’s all we can do – and must do – instead of idly watching a catastrophy.

    For some perspective.
    43 outpaced 44's Gulf trips

    George W. Bush gestures during a speech on Gulf Coast recovery efforts.

    Bush Outpaced Obama’s Gulf Trips

    President Obama’s visit to the Gulf Coast on Friday is only his third since the start of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster 46 days ago — an opportunity, press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday, to get a full update on the response and “hear from nonelected individuals who are also suffering firsthand.”
    But when it comes to visiting the disaster-stricken area, Obama still lags behind his predecessor, former President George W. Bush, whose seemingly slow reaction to Hurricane Katrina drew scathing reviews and left a permanent mark on his approval rating.
    In the 46-day period in the fall of 2005, after back-to-back hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Bush made eight trips to the distressed region, including a 35-minute flyover of the region on board Air Force One. That trip came two days after Katrina hit, and Bush returned to review response actions on the ground several days later. He proceeded to make trips to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas to track the government’s response.
    Obama visited the Gulf Coast for the first time 12 days after the BP oil rig exploded. He surveyed the damage in Louisiana, and returned again last Friday and met with residents in the area.


    Finally, in the can you believe this one category.

    Grayson Wants to ‘Jail’ Steele for Oil Spill and anyone else who has ever uttered the phrase drill baby drill.

    This guy is an absolute lunatic, a fanatical jerk, and a disgusting tyrant. Thank God he’s just a congressman and not actually in charge of anything. If the voters of his district don’t throw him out of office, then they deserve the respect of no one and shame on them.

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