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Disingenuous reporting on TEA Party candidates, feigned concerns, CBS and Couric

June 6, 2010
 CBS Shovels Dirt in the Tea  – CBS Katie Couric Feigns Concern for How Tea Party Candidates Are Detriment to Republicans
Proving once again what a disingenuous dimwit she is, Katie still sucks now like she did when she was with the Lib Matt Lauer on the today show (no we’re not making sexual innuendo here, though as innuendo goes neither of them would have any room to take offense).
June 5, 2010
“Up next, why some Republicans are starting to wish the Tea Party was over,” Katie Couric teased Friday night as CBS feigned concern over how Tea Party candidates are too “extreme” to win.
First covering Reporter Dean Reynolds citing Nevada Senate candidate Sharon Angle who “wants to end the federal income tax and Social Security,” so incumbent Democratic Senator Harry Reid “wants to run against her because he believes her extreme views make her easier to beat.” What she fails to realize (or does she) is that Angle isn’t the radical, FDR who had way too much communist influence in his administration was the radical, and Woodrow Wilson before him, the father of the progressive movement (synonym for socialism) was too. The Social security system is now a disaster, and income tax is not only unconstitutional except for in limited circumstance, but the amendment undoing such is illegal, having been improperly ratified. Obama, Reid, and others today are more the radical than their predecessors ever were, and Angle is a Constitutionalist to a degree that none of them will ever get, simply because they are not!
The real rub of the story is with regard to a North Carolina House race, reporting that “the Tea Party’s Tim D’Annunzio has a shot at the Republican nomination even though divorce papers called him a ‘messianic drug user’ who worries that ‘a gigantic pyramid will descend on Greenland’ one day” and, even more appalling to CBS, “he recently held what he called ‘a machine gun social.”

NO DOUBT THIS GUY IS A NUT CASE. What they fail to report is that the TEA Party, having come to realize this, has already rejected him. Six tea party leaders in the 8th Congressional District, previous to Couric’s story, have denounced him and switched their support to D’Annunzio’s Republican primary opponent!

Finally, they of course couldn’t end their story without taking a parting shot at Rand Paul, Tea Party favorite who defeated the Republican Party establishment choice for the Senate nomination in Kentucky. Taking a comment he made as to his views on the Constitution and civil rights out of context, the MSM quickly began to perpetuate doubts about his electability. The only mistake Paul made with his comment is that there are many people who don’t have the deep historical understanding and context to which he was speaking from. All the liberal talking heads in the MSM either lack this understanding as well, or they do understand quite well but report in a disingenuous manner never the less.

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