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Tea Party Power, a great discussion

June 26, 2010

So what exactly is the real message of the tea parties? And how large an impact will they have on the upcoming elections? These are just a couple of the questions I posed to my old friends Rick Santelli and Lou Dobbs on last night’s Kudlow Report.

Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC a little over a year ago helped launch the whole tea party movement. We also welcomed David Webb. David is a big tea party player and is the co-founder of TeaParty365 in New York City. I guess you could call it a tea party trifecta.

Right Click-open new tab to watch last night’s fireworks: http://biggovernment.com/lkudlow/2010/06/25/santelli-and-dobbs-talk-tea-party-power/

and a few comments:

mtv22 109p · 16 hours ago
I always enjoy the Santelli “riff”. Imagine, “harmony with the Constitution, for the individual, not the collective”. And “American exceptionalism”. Breitbart commenters certainly understand “grass roots”. Our political parties are green with envy at the popularity of the Tea Party. Thanks for posting this uplifting message, a real shot of adrenaline.
rckmom 107p · 16 hours ago
Capitalism 101…LEAVE the business world alone!!! What part of this does the government not understand?? I know, they want control of EVERYTHING…guess what WE THE PEOPLE are here to stay! Get over it!!!
mackycat 55p · 16 hours ago 
We want our republic back. And we’re going to take it back starting in November. Respect the Constitution of the United States of America or get out.
StanH 115p · 16 hours ago
The Tea Party represents the true power in America…fear us! It harkens the beginning of the end of the progressives (‘60s radicals) in the USA, finally. The struggle will be long, however the rewards will be great, no less the preservation of the greatest country the world has ever known, the USA!.
Cowboy Logic 124p · 16 hours ago
Larry, I can answer your question:
“So what exactly is the real message of the tea parties? “

We are here, we are real, we want OUR Country back, and WE are NOT going away.

TexasStomp 92p · 16 hours ago
The Tea Party Movement is AMERICA 101. We will win because Americans have always and will always refuse to fail.
The_Great_Satan 97p · 16 hours ago
“So what exactly is the real message of the tea parties? “

We are returning the federal govt to a representative govt by the people for the people, not by political prostitutes who’ve sold out to special interests, unions and large corporations.

The fascist democrats in DC see the tsunami of rage coming their way and yesterday the House passed an egregiously unconstitutional bill called the Disclose act where corporations are silenced and unions are given carte blanche. This is unconstitutional and should be defied. The tyrants in DC no longer care about adhering or defending the Constitution, their main objective is to usurp power.

copperpeony 95p · 15 hours ago
Great video. You rock Mr. Kudlow! Love the Santelli part and I wonder if Obama heard this? On another note, the SEIU thugs are starting to get really busy in my part of the country. I was going into a Safeway store and there was a woman dressed in all pink with an SEIU badge blocking the entrance with her clipboard .

She was harvesting votes ahead of time for the mid -terms. There were about 6 people listening to her and I asked “what are you talking about?” She started telling me and I just said to her and to the group: You represent the most corrupt union in the country. If it wasn’t for your union our country wouldn’t be in half the mess.

She got offended and asked me to explain and in my loudest voice I told the group what SEIU is all about in short sentences and I walked away. So did 5 out the 6 people. We the Tea Party need to do just what SEIU is doing. Harvest votes ahead of time. In front of Walmart, grocery stores etc. Just my humble opinion to get the message out.

Nero_Burning 61p · 15 hours ago
“What do you think?” “Think” is the crucial word when a serious question is posed. My own thoughts on the TEA Party movement are that it is a popular expression by people who actually understand the basis of our founding. The Founders applied reason and objective analysis to the human experience with all types of governance. They designed a system with the individual as the supreme value, while government was to be limited in scope and power. The Founding Fathers had ample evidence that valuing the government over the rights of the individual always leads to tyranny and despotism against at least some portion of the populace. It is why they had no love for democracy and established a uniquely Constitutional Republic. When the wealth is controlled by a few, the people are oppressed lest they take it. When governed by democracy, the mob steals from the productive classes, or “the rich” as they are so derisively referred. Nineteenth century America unfolded as the most productive and innovative century in human history for one reason: Ordered liberty. That is what the TEA party must restore.
Xoros 71p · 15 hours ago
Chop the Fed down to size, protect the individuals God given rights, stick to the constitution and the rest will take care of itself over time.

It’s simple but it’s going to be the fight that determines the direction of the country for the next 100 years, or the next 5 depending on who wins.

Smaller Government =
Bigger Freedoms -More Prosperity -Better Future

Dirtt 62p · 14 hours ago
Caught the segment. Who could forget the day Santelli woke up a huge segment of the USA and the rest of us were yelling FINALLY! at a CNBC broadcast? Thank you Mr Santelli and Well done Mr. Kudlow.
Taxpayer1234 94p · 14 hours ago
Tea Parties ROCK! I really love that the Tea Parties are as different as the exceptional Americans who comprise them.

When Americans unite around the principle of freedom, no one can stop us. When Americans unite around an orthodoxy, anyone can stop us.

mugiwara 81p · 14 hours ago
I saw that segment last night, Larry is one of the only guys who actually asks the Tea Partiers what they think about issues rather than just paint them as some angry racists and be done with them. Just watching The Kudlow Report now and Larry is spot on as always.
Looking4Sanity 122p · 14 hours ago
Even the Tea Party members and supporters do not know where this will lead us. We only know that we can NOT continue down the path we are on and survive as constituted. We love our country, and we’d rather die than to see IT die!

All you proglibs and outright Communists are hereby put on notice! WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THAT NIGHT! You have the fight of your lives on your hands, liberty will prevail, and we will win!

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