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Obama watch – Commie watch, important flashbacks and ties

June 27, 2010
Andrew  Marcus

President Obama Deeply Connected To Organizers Of Recent Angry Street Mob Actions

by Andrew Marcus

President Barack Obama and his administration, is shamefully deeply connected to the people and organizations that recently organized street mob protests, terrifying a teenage child in his own home, and storming bank buildings (violating how many Federal laws?) in a show of uncivil disobedience (intimidation).


(see the sign upper left, someone ought to inform and educate these people – We are Not a democracy)

Previous posts detail the intimate connections between the President, and “Showdown in America” protest organizers SEIU and National People’s Action (NPA)

Digging a little deeper reveals some additional disturbing connections between President Obama, and other organizers of these mob actions. These connections might be of interest to any reporters who claim the White House as their beat.

Another key organizing force behind the “Showdown in America” is a group called Americans For Financial Reform. This group is headed by former SDS radical and proud Alinsky protege, Heather Tobis Booth.

Heather Tobis Booth is the founder of a group called USAction.

USAction used to be called Citizen Action, until the illegal behavior of  Rep. Jan Shakowsky’s husband, ex-con Bob Creamer (Obama Campaign Organizer), combined with the notorious “Teamstergate” scandal, forced the organization to collapse it’s national brand into a newly named entity. (This collapse and restructuring is the role model for ACORN’s transition today.)

In the video below, the president of USAction and Chair of Illinois Citizen Action, William McNary, openly glorifies and embraces a working relationship with the Communist Party of America (CPUSA).

In the first 1:20 seconds of the clip, you will hear the introducing speaker recount how included CPUSA felt during the founding convention of USAction.

Listening to the first 3:30 minutes in full, you will hear William McNary declare “I can’t think of anyplace else in the world I would rather be on a Friday afternoon then right here in a room full of aggressive Progressives.”

Heather Tobis Booth’s Marxist USAction spearheaded ObamaCare.

Several years ago, Heather Tobis Booth’s Citizen Action honored then Senator Barack Obama by asking him to offer a keynote address at one of their fundraisers. Of course their dear friend accepted.


Heather Tobis Booth was once the training director for the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration.

Heather Tobis Booth is a co-founder of a group called Campaign For America’s Future. Other founders include Andy Stern, Cloward and Piven, Jesse Jackson, leaders of various unions, and the Democratic Socialists of America.

Below is video of then Senator Barack Obama finding common cause in his rousing speech to members of Campaign for America’s Future:

Heather Tobis Booth, SEIU, NPA, the DNC, and the Democratic Socialists of America have a very long history of working together.

President Obama has long standing and deep relationships with these people, who organize law breaking mob actions on the streets of America.

More than one of these groups and their organizers have visited the Obama White House more than once, begging the question regarding these protest “actions”- what did the President know and when did he know it?

If the President of the United States is using the powers of the Executive Branch of government to help coordinate/facilitate mob actions against American citizens, would that be an impeachable offense? Would it at least warrant a couple of questions from the alleged White House Press Corps?

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Posted May 24th 2010

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