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Another radical Obama nominee. This Judge needs to be impeached and disbarred not promoted!

June 28, 2010

The actions of this guy are absolutely egregious on several levels. His nomination to the 2nd highest court in the land rivals that of Kagan’s. In Kagan’s confirmation hearing the issues are primarily about the fact that she is a partisan progressive and a political hack.

In Chatigny’s case it’s more about the fact that he’s some kind of closet degenerate, or, something?

Please, please go to our Chatigny file page https://ccrofnyblog.wordpress.com/the-chatigny-file/ and review the material. Watch the video’s and read the documentary material. This man cannot be confirmed and you need to follow up your review with a sharp rebuke, and a call to your Senators, to stop this confirmation immediately. While you’re at it demand he be investigated as well !

Obama’s Federal Appeals Court Nominee Did Legal Work for Serial Killer, Then Presided as Judge Over Proceeding to Delay Execution
 – President Barack Obama’s nominee to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, Robert N. Chatigny, did legal work as a private defense attorney in 1992 for convicted serial killer Michael Ross, and then in 2005, as a federal district judge, led a proceeding that resulted in a delay in Ross’ execution. Chatigny says he forgot about the earlier work and should have recused himself from the matter.

(note that this was one of the most notorious serial killer cases in Connecticut history and to say he forgot either makes him a liar or incompetent. As far as the death penalty goes Ross is an unrepentant admitted serial rapist and murderer, this was is no way a circumstantial case and in no way had any mitigating circumstances)


Who Is Robert Chatigny?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Obama’s Latest Liberal Activist Judicial Nominee Goes Before Senate Panel Today Despite Record Of Bending Law To Protect Sex Offenders And Murderers.
Chatigny’s decisions gave unwarranted protections to dangerous sex offenders, including a decision ultimately overturned by the supreme court.

again, we urge you to go to our page for numerous supporting details…


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