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Another good reason to abolish the IRS Income Tax system

September 9, 2010

Capitol Hill Workers Owe Millions in Back Taxes to IRS

Thursday, 09 Sep 2010 04:18 PM

More than 600 Capitol Hill workers had run up a tab of $9.3 million in overdue taxes by year’s end 2009, according to an analysis reported in The Washington Post. That’s a million-dollar increase over the previous year, the Post story notes, although it’s a speck compared with the $1 billion in overdue taxes that federal workers nationwide owe.

The WaPo didn’t release their names because they know the Republicans are pressing to fire them.


FairTax Plan – a consumption tax  – replaces income tax.               Among other benefits:

The Beacon Hill Institute estimate is that the federal government would be able to cut $8 billion from the IRS budget of $11.01 billion …  (that could be an $8 billion per tax break for the American people!)

Besides what are “we the people” doing paying an over $11 billion per year budget just to support an IRS Bueacracy before 1 dollar of our taxes goes to Defense, roads, or anything else for that matter. It’s absurd, especially considering that the 16th Amendment has remained Constitutionally questionable since it’s inception.

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