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Reagan Libertarian applauses O’Donnell, calls big win against Obama’s radical marxist agenda

September 28, 2010
Monday, September 27, 2010
 Big Win against Obama’s “radical Marxist agenda”

Excerpt, Wayne Root’s column in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Sept. 25″One nation under Tea Party revolt”

I predicted that Barack Obama’s radical Marxist agenda would lead to a citizen revolution, the likes of which had not been seen in this country since 1776. I predicted that this revolution to take back our country would be led by a coalition of libertarians, conservatives, disgruntled Republicans, independents, taxpayers, small business owners, gun owners, patriots and Christians. That revolution now has a name: The Tea Party.

The remarkable Tea Party victories on Sept. 14 are yet more proof this is not business as usual. Entrenched incumbents and establishment D.C. insiders are being swept away like debris in a tsunami. Most importantly, it isn’t only liberal Democrat scalps the Tea Party is taking. At the top of the list are the enablers — big government RINOS (Republicans in name only). Exhibit A is Mike Castle.

The longtime Delaware Republican congressman and former governor is the kind of GOP insider that normally survives times of voter unrest. Political insiders like Castle have always known how to turn on the charm, raise lots of money and use that money on advertising campaigns to convince voters that “next time” they’ll vote with the people. It’s always “next time.” Except for Castle, there will be no more next times. This citizen revolution sent Castle to the unemployment line.

Castle is a RINO whose votes gave bipartisan cover to big government expansion and an ever-expanding welfare state. Castle was the exact type of Republican fraud who through his compromise and “bipartisanship” (sellout) made fiscal conservatives and free-market libertarians fighting for the survival of our children and grandchildren appear as “extremists, radicals and nutcases.” The reality is the extremists are those who have bankrupted our once great country and left us with more than $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities

Root describes himself as a “Reagan Libertarian.”

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