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One giant outdoor Communist Coffee clutch held on a field of Astroturf: ‘One Nation’ Rally Exposes Coalition of Far-Left Organizations

September 29, 2010

‘One Nation’ Rally Exposes Coalition of Far-Left Organizations

According to the One Nation Working Together site, “more than 400 organizations, representing tens of thousands of individuals who have endorsed the One Nation Working Together campaign” have signed on as partners for the Oct. 2 rally in Washington, D.C.

This movement includes human and civil rights organizations, unions and trade associations, nonprofit organizations, youth and student groups, religious and other faith groups, educational, peace, environmental, and ethnic associations, and any other groups and individuals who are committed to pulling our country back together now.

President Barack Obama’s own Organizing for America (NOT) has praised the effort, calling it the “biggest progressive demonstration in decades.” The list of organizations offering their official endorsements for Saturday’s “One Nation” rally reads like a who’s who of the far-left in America, including some usual suspects:

(these groups all criss cross each other somehow, unions, socialists-communists, homosexual lobby groups, green groups, amnesty, social justice-wealth redistribution groups, abortionists, ect., but we thought some added emphasis on a few would be good)


American Federation of Teachers (clean up or get away from our kids please!)

Center for Community Change

Green for All (proudly promoting environmental extremism everywhere)

NAACP (now Tea party haters, false accusors, reverse racists)

National Council of La Raza  (Hispanic racists, promoting Mexican conquest of western U.S.)

Rainbow PUSH Coalition (the Jesse Jackson scam artist club)

SEIU: Service Employees International Union (under financial investigation, knowingly employees illegal aliens)

Sojourners (basically just another group of  commies)

UAW, International Union

AFSCME (just another union sold to the left like all of them)

Alliance for Democracy (what’s in a name? deception!)

Campaign for America’s Future (WHAT FUTURE!)

Campaign for Peace and Democracy (now thats a laugh, how many militant organizations support you, you them?)

Campus Progress (left indoctrination central)

Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (imagine that, coming tp you live from the sesspool)

Code Pink (see A.N.S.W.E.R.)

Color of Change.org 

Communist Party USA (CPUSA) (of all the groups, this one is even allowed to participate, wow!)

Democratic Socialists of America (but you Demorats are just progressives right?)

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Gray Panthers (gray, yeah right)

Human Rights Campaign (you mean special rights don’t you?)

International Socialist Organization (whats a one world group doing at a one nation rally?)

National Education Association (get your radical agenda out of our schools please!)

National Urban League 

Planned Parenthood (abortion-YES YES, parental rights-NO, NO)

United Steel Workers

Working Families Party (see ACORN, see SEIU, see DSA, see CPUSA)

Ya Ya Network (Ya Ya blow it out your, Oh never mind.)

If your not disgusted enough already, For the complete published list of organizations, click here.

Also check out this clip from Glenn’s radio show this morning dealing with 8/28 counter rally sponsors (transcript):

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