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The Evil of the Pity of Man

September 30, 2010

 By Bojidar Marinov | Published: September 29, 2010

For handfuls of barley and fragments of bread, you have profaned Me to My people to put to death some who should not die and to keep others alive who should not live, by your lying to My people who listen to lies (Ezek. 13:19).

Pity is the leftists’ chief moral virtue. If you are a leftist, it is mandatory that you show pity to someone. And do it publicly so that everyone knows how much pity you feel toward those who are “unfortunate.” There are so many people out there that are victims – or can be made to look like victims – to evil circumstances or institutions or simply evil reality. What better opportunity to show the world how moral and compassionate and tenderhearted you are. Over the last century the leftists, not having any discernible moral standard at all, still had quite a few moral causes, all of them based on this one single moral virtue – pity. Everyone and everything can be turned into an unfortunate victim that deserves the leftists’ pity. Communist guerillas, Muslim terrorists, single mothers, married mothers, children without parents, children with parents, poor people without houses and cars, poor people who own houses and cars, people without health insurance, whether they want it or not, people with health insurance, legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, minorities – and especially minority leaders who live off the back of their minorities, yes, I mean Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – animal populations that are dwindling, animal populations that are thriving, icebergs with polar bears on top, icebergs without polar bears on top, warmer climate, cooler climate, changing climate . . . everything.

Last week the paragons of the Pity of Man had a priceless occasion to remind the world of their moral superiority: The Commonwealth of Virginia executed Teresa Lewis. Eight years ago, on the night of October 30, 2002, Teresa Lewis organized the murder of her husband and her stepson. The motive was her stepson’s life insurance from his military service. Lewis used money and sexual favors – offering her 16-year daughter – to recruit two men more than 10 years younger than her, to shoot the victims. After the crime, she waited for more than an hour before she called the police, while her husband, still alive, bled to death. In the meantime, she cold-bloodedly searched the victims’ clothes and belongings for money. When police officers arrived, her husband was still able to tell them that his wife knew everything about the murder.

At the trial, she pleaded guilty, and she allowed the judge to decide her sentence. Her attorneys believed she had a better chance to get a life term from a judge who never sentenced anyone to death. However, the judge found that the crime was so horrible that it deserved death, and he declared that Teresa Lewis, the mastermind behind the crime, must be executed. Last week, on September 23, Lewis was executed.

Just sentence, given the crime, every sensible person would say. Just sentence, indeed. But for leftists, that’s exactly where the problem lies.

Nothing can enrage leftists so much as a just sentence of a real criminal. And nothing gives them a better opportunity to exhibit to the world their superior pity. Groups from within the US and abroad started campaigning against the sentence. Even the European Union decided to intervene and petition the governor of Virginia. Different reasons were cited.

First, of course, she was a woman. In the eyes of the leftists, that surely made her a victim, no matter how heinous the crime she committed. “The first woman to be executed in Virginia in 100 years,” declared one leftist website, as if the frequency of death sentences has anything to do with the specific case. Of course, the same source is quick to inform us, that “her sexuality made her a victim in uniquely female ways.” Even though women receive only 2 per cent of the death sentences in this country, the website says,

[T]he whole capital punishment machine is hugely gender-biased, and always has been. Capital punishment has to be one of the most sexist systems left in America.

And of course, since the leftists need to go further in creating a victim out of a cold-blooded murderer, the following statement is mandatory:

While women are sentenced to death far less frequently than men, often the offenses for which they are sentenced are also rooted in antiquated gender stereotypes. When women are sentenced to die, say experts, it tends to be for the most sexist reasons.

Then there was the question of her mental abilities. Her IQ, as some psychologist found out, was 72, right on the border of “mental retardation.” Additional proof from “witnesses” was that she “never lived alone, couldn’t buy more than one day’s worth of groceries at a time, and could never balance a checkbook. For her, this meant marrying at a very young age (16) and a lifetime of being dependent on men.” Compelling evidence for mental retardation.

Think about it. She devises a plot to offer sex and money to two men, so that they – and not her – shoot her stepson, and her husband, in order to get the money from her son’s life insurance. It seems she has enough IQ to think things through. She may not be able to “buy more than one day’s worth of groceries at a time,” but she surely could think far ahead to know that she was getting quarter million dollars from her stepson’s insurance. Besides, how could we know Lewis wasn’t simulating at the tests? An intelligent person can simulate low IQ. It’s the unintelligent person that can’t simulate high IQ. What if Lewis was “advised” to play dumb as a way to save herself from a just sentence? And what signal does that send to our society, to our young people? “The dumber you are the better chance of getting away with a crime you commit.”

Of course, leftists never used the same argument concerning Terri Schiavo’s case. If anyone really had some brain damage, it was Terri. She hadn’t committed any crime – which itself is a crime in the leftists’ eyes, I suppose – and her IQ was much lower than 70. In fact, she wasn’t conscious. You would think it would be a good reason for the leftists to campaign against her execution. But they didn’t. In fact, they campaigned for Terri to be executed.

Then there was the argument for Teresa Lewis’ “exemplary behavior” as a prisoner. She even “ministered to Christian women” in prison, believe it or not. (Yup, counseling services are a piece of cake for a mentally retarded person, you know.) She is very sorry, and she wouldn’t do it again, if she could. So exemplary she has become that her attorney had the face to declare, “A good and decent person is about to lose her life because of a system that is broken.” Now, the scale of values that would declare Lewis “a good and decent person” is beyond human abilities to comprehend. But the main point is in the idea that she is a victim of a “broken system.”

We cannot miss the Iranian president Ahmadinejad who used Lewis’ case to justify the death sentence of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani in Iran. His propaganda effort was joined by our own leftists who were quick to point out how our Justice system is not different from Shariah. Left out of the picture was the fact that Sakineh was tortured in jail by male guards to admit adultery, was at first acquitted, then illegally tried again for the same crime, a new accusation of manslaughter (without witnesses or names) was added to the charge, and the Iranian court refused to let her have translation of the court documents in her spoken language, Azeri. The so-called “adultery” was alleged to have happened after the death of her husband, and the men with whom she allegedly committed it were never summoned in court, nor were their names mentioned in the court documents. She wasn’t allowed to summon any witnesses, and she was completely cut off from any communication with the outside world, in an attempt to silence the campaigns in her support. Nothing of this happened to Teresa Lewis, but neither Ahmadinejad nor American leftists are people who would let facts get in the way of their propaganda.

I said above that everything can be made a victim worthy of the leftists’ pity. But reality is, the leftists have their preferences; they identify much more easily with certain classes of people, and ignore other classes. At the top of their scale of worthy victims are those that are real, real criminals. The more people a criminal robs, kills, or oppresses the better candidate he is for the Pity of Man. Che Guevara, for example. The heartbreaking story of his capture and execution was made known to the whole world. No story is recorded of the thousands he killed while being a high official in the Cuban Communist government, or in his “revolutionary” activities in Congo and Bolivia. Muslim terrorists are other worthy candidates for pity. Or abortionists. Leftists don’t just make them victims deserving pity, they even make them heroes deserving admiration – like Mao, or Ho Chi Minh, or Hugo Chavez, or Mugabe.

When illustrious ideological mass murderers are not available for pity and heroization, smaller criminals would suffice. Teresa Lewis, for example. Or illegal aliens.

On the bottom of the scale of the Pity of Man are those that haven’t committed any crime and therefore deserve no pity. Unborn babies, to start with. The victims of Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Che, or Stalin. The victims of Teresa Lewis. The families of those who died in the 9/11 attacks. Christians persecuted in Muslim countries. Women oppressed and mutilated by Muslim societies. Closer to home, small businesses pressed by the Federal government with increasing taxes. Law-abiding citizens whose lifetime savings are drained by taxes and inflation.

In other words, the leftists’ pity has moral priorities. The worse the criminal a person is, the more deserving of pity. The more a person is innocent, the less they deserve pity. Leftists’ pity has moral preferences; it is moral identification with criminals. More than that, a justly sentenced criminal is even easier to identify with. The problem for leftists comes when there are real victims of real crimes. Then, try as much as he can, the leftist remains unmoved. He can’t identify with an innocent person.

It is a complete reversal of God’s mercy. God identifies with the real victims; he lets the victims decide if a criminal deserves mercy or justice. Mercy can only come from God, or from His judicial representative in the crime – the victims. A righteous person would let the victims show mercy if they want. A judge or a civil ruler is not to show mercy to proven criminals; such “mercy” would be cruelty to the victims of crimes, it would be a perversion of justice. Most importantly, it is a rebellion against God Whose Law only can preserve a civilization, as we know from our Founding Fathers.

The world of the leftists’ pity is a world that creates and encourages a culture of impunity for criminals. It is a world of cultural suicide, a world that cannot find the moral fiber to resist its own destruction. It is a world that is going to extinction. By morally siding with criminals like Teresa Lewis, leftists dig their own grave. In their ideal leftist world, criminals would face no opposition to their crimes, and therefore will be left free to destroy the society.

The end of this leftists’ world is near. Fewer and fewer people listen to their lies, and more and more people demand justice be restored in the land and throughout the world. The Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, refused to commute the death sentence of Lewis, giving an example of a responsible civil magistrate concerned with justice and not with self-destructive pity. God is here to restore His justice over our land. As He Himself says in Ezekiel 13 concerning those that “put to death some who should not die and to keep others alive who should not live, by your lying to My people who listen to lies”:

I will also tear off your veils and deliver My people from your hands, and they will no longer be in your hands to be hunted; and you will know that I am the LORD (Ezek. 9:21).

It will be our job as His church to declare His justice throughout the land.

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