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Our Congress: Failed – Unaccountable – and Despicable

October 4, 2010

Michael Barone – Pelosi’s vote to adjourn could be her last hurrah

Pelosi had effectively lost control of the House. So she decided to shut it down and let Democrats go home and try to salvage their seats.


Maxine Waters on Ethics Trial: ‘Leave Me Alone’ (VIDEO)
Emily Miller

Human Events found Waters walking alone in the underground tunnel from the U.S. Capitol to the House office buildings… Read More


Video; Alan Grayson, He’s A National Embarrassment

Written by TomT on Oct 02, 2010 02:10 am

Editor’s Note – The NRCC releases a new ad calling Alan Grayson a national embarrassment. Don’t agree with much the NRCC does, especially the abandonment of Mike Yost in congressional district 3, yet, this is one of the very few times they get something right. Read More

Grayson Posted October 4, 2010
Grayson’s ‘Taliban Dan’ ad saddens Christian leaders

Christian leaders  in Central Florida are signing a letter which accuses Alan Grayson of insulting the Bible and the Scriptures in his campaign commercial. “I think it’s a sad day in America, post-modern America, when we take a man or … Continue reading

Byron York – GOP: Grayson exhibits ‘pathological pattern of instability and deceit’

Republicans are fuming over another attack ad from Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson. The confrontational lawmaker, who falsely accused GOP opponent Daniel Webster of being a draft-dodger, now calls Webster “Taliban Dan” in an ad that FactCheck.org says uses “edited video to make [Webster] appear to be saying the opposite of what he really said.”

The worst campaign ad ever. Period.

Alan Grayson has cemented his place as the worst human being in Congress, and that’s saying something. Grayson has taken attack ad to an entirely new level, playing an out of context clip that makes the George Soros liberal bloggers filled with out of context envy. Glenn has the audio on radio today – audio that Grayson is actually defending. Unreal. ( Transcript, Insider Audio, FREE Insider Extreme clip)

American Stalin: Alan Grayson And His Views on the Anti-Defamation League, the Military, and Other Things

You might well say it is extreme hyperbole to call Alan Grayson an American Stalin. You would be right. But it is no different than what Alan Grayson, in extremist, hyperbolic lies, is doing to his opponent Daniel Webster.

As has been well documented, Grayson attacked Bill Clinton Daniel Webster for getting academic deferments from Vietnam and then failing his medical exam, thus denying him the ability to serve his country.

Grayson then referred to Webster as “Taliban Dan” selectively editing Webster’s comments to make it sound like Webster was saying exactly the opposite of what Webster really was saying.

What’s more, Grayson demanded the Federal Election Commission investigate and incarcerate one of his critics who claims Grayson is crazy.

Calling Grayson an American Stalin is no less onerous that what Grayson himself is doing. In fact, what Grayson is doing is worse. He is an elected official using the power of his office to threaten and intimidate critics, attack females in Congress as “whores”, and fund his campaign to slime opponents with edited video footage making it appear the opponents are saying exactly the opposite of what they did say.

Grayson has become the politician who attacks his opponent for having a thespian daughter.

Beyond the lies, however, lies an ugly truth about Alan Grayson that the media ought to pursue.

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