I’m a big fan of the website BigGovernment.com, a site dedicated to exposing corruption, lies and general bad behavior from those on the liberal left.  We’ve posted articles from them on Monroerising.com before.  They’ve do excellent research and compile their information for revealing articles that infuriate the liberal/radical/progressive and their media allies.

One of their more recent articles connects the dots between the political machine that serves at Obama’s right hand with ACORN and the Working Families Party totally intertwined.  It resembles a chart similar to that of a Mafia crime family organization.  It’s a long read but I assure you that you won’t be disappointed and will come away with a better understanding of the now well-known corrupt organization, ACORN/WFP.  Read the entire story here and check out the Hexagon of Power below.  Keep this in mind when you read the lies coming out of the mouth’s of ACORN’s Bertha Lewis and WFP’s Dan Cantor here in New York.