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A letter to the editor from a Paladino and Tea Party support; why shouldn’t she be mad?

October 24, 2010

Letter to the Editor:

As a Conservative AND a Tea Party member, I’ve been called a ton of hateful names by the Liberal media without any thought to “my feelings” and my rightful place in the community.

Since the rise of the Tea Party movement, I’ve been called a racist, gun-toting, Bible thumping, goose-stepping Nazi too stupid to get myself in out of the rain illiterate, dangerous militant white person, hate mongering homophobe and my favorite pejorative….a Tea Bagger! 

If you don’t know the meaning behind Tea Bagger, google it. It’s about as demeaning as anything you could possibly call a person. Yet the Left and its water carrying media counterparts refer to us as Tea Baggers all the time without batting an ethical eyelash.  

It’s a bit disingenuous for the media to get their knickers in a holier than thou knot over Carl Paladino’s remarks about Gays, accuse him of hate speech and then label him as “unfit for governor”. Any reasonable person would ask…at what point do the media’s relentless attacks on Tea Party members get called “hate speech”?

If Carl Paladino is unfit for the governorship of New York State then what does that make the media when it engages in horrific name calling to advance a Liberal agenda….that’s right…..unfit to serve the public.

I’ve “had it” with media manipulation and hypocrisy. One of the main reasons I joined the Tea Party movement.

I live in the most dysfunctional state in the union. Yet the media is destroying the only candidate to come along in my lifetime that has the passion and the guts to clean up that mess in Albany.  Instead of reviling Paladino, we should be revering him for breaking the ball and chain of political correctness.

Carl Paladino isn’t a homophobe anymore than I’m a Tea Bagger!

Sally Orr, Lindley, New York

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