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Interviews with US Army (ret.) Lt. Col, Rep Allen West (R-FL),

January 5, 2011

January 04, 2011

Interview with Rep. Allen West

Ethel C. Fenig

One of the new representatives of the forthcoming Congress who won in the November Revolution is US Army (retired) Lt. Col, Rep Allen West (R-FL), one of two Republican black members of the House.

Deborah Solomon of the New York Times had a few snarky questions for West; he quickly put her down. Here is a sample but really, you should read the whole thing for learning, for enjoyment, for pride, for hope for the new 112th Congress.

Do you consider President Obama a good leader?

Not really.


Even though you’re a Republican, did you feel a sense of pride when President Obama was elected?

I don’t look to a man to get pride in myself. It’s not about having a black president, it’s about having a good president, and I think that’s the most important thing. This country needs a good leader, and I don’t care if he’s purple or green but yes, there are some people that saw in him a sense of pride.


You haven’t started your new job. But you probably feel ready to retire.

No. I have not yet begun to fight, as John Paul Jones said.

I repeat: read the whole thing.


Allen West: Liberal Progressive Agenda is ‘Antithesis of Who We Are as a Nation’ Meredith Jessup


“Left-wing, vile, vicious, despicable machine…”

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Wise words from Congressman-elect Allen West, R-Fla., (A Conservative and Tea Party favorite):

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