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Award winning Conservative Journalist Tapscott’s Examiner Special Report – Who really controls the Democrat Party?

January 27, 2011

From Tapscott’s Copy Desk  Fresh and insightful opinion from Tapscott’s Copy Desk, by the Washington Examiner’s Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott. Got a tip or an oped to place? Send an e-mail to mark.tapscott@gmail.com.
Nate Beeler/The Examiner
Nate Beeler/The Examiner

Examiner Special Report

Who Really Controls the Democratic Party?





The plain truth about who owns the Democratic Party

Mark Tapscott, Examiner Editorial Page Editor

“The lawyers and three other special interests – Big Labor union leaders, Big Green environmentalists, and Big Insiders with billions of dollars in personal wealth and foundation grants — together essentially dictate what Democrats can and cannot support on many key public policy issues. Call them the Four Horsemen of the coming Democratic apocalypse.”

Democrats must break free from stranglehold of their special interests

Douglas Schoen, OpEd Contributor

“While the electorate may be trending toward the center-right, power within the Democratic Party lies with the most liberal members of the Senate and the House, and especially with the special interests on the left, including public employee unions, environmentalist groups and trial lawyers.”

What President Obama must do to save his party and his presidency

Douglas Schoen, OpEd Contributor

“Obama and Democratic leaders need to move decisively back to the center and avoid appearing to be captives of the special interests.”

How the revolving door swings between special interests and government

Ron Arnold, Examiner Columnist

“A hallmark of government by special interest is the revolving door that allows skilled operators to move back and forth between tax-paid jobs in the executive and legislative branches when the Democrats are in power, and private sector organizations devoted to political and ideological agendas when the party is out of power.”

Whatever happened to the Democratic National Committee

Mark Tapscott, Examiner Editorial Page Editor

“Ostensibly, the DNC is organized around state party committees, but the reality is that it is mainly a conglomeration of people representing four major special interests.”



Obama puts political correctness ahead of economics

Examiner Editorial

“That’s Obama’s idea of good business — forcing people to buy things they don’t want (more expensive energy) and do things they don’t want to do (ride trains instead of cars).”

Congress needs to take a critical look at its spending habit

Cal Thomas, Examiner Columnist

“Each program Republicans want to cut should be subject to four questions: 1. Is it necessary? 2. Could it be done better and more responsibly in the private sector? 3. Is it constitutionally justifiable? 4. Can we afford it?”

End federal handouts to political campaigns

Don McGahn, FEC Commissioner, OpEd Contributor

“The presidential public financing system is a fossil of the 1970s, and the sort of cumbersome regime that only an inside-the-beltway policy wonk could love.”



Haven’t the Democrats been here before?

Mark Tapscott, Examiner Editorial Page Editor

“Voters in the states of the old Confederacy were so attached to the Democratic Party that they became known as ‘Yellow-Dog Democrats’ — that is, they would vote Democratic even if a yellow dog was the party’s candidate.”

Fifteen special interest heavy hitters Democrats cannot ignore

Ron Arnold, Examiner Columnist

“There are other Democratic heavy hitters, to be sure, but these 15 are must-haves on any list of those who cannot be ignored.”

A spotter’s guide to the left side of the political universe

Ron Arnold, Examiner Columnist

“What defines groups on the Left beyond their shared demand for more government is a motley spectrum of inter-related ideological issues ranging from the exotic and odd — animal rights and goddess Gaia’s teachings on the environment — to the utterly practical — regulating urban growth and government-mandated end-of-life counseling for the elderly.”

Back-story of a Democratic power-broker

Conn Carroll, OpEd Contributor

“Messaging, fundraising, polling, candidate recruitment … there is a word for an entity that performs all of these functions: a political party.”



It’s time to get real about public sector pensions

Examiner Editorial

“Predictably, the public employee unions don’t like this one bit. They know that once the public gets wind of how badly liberal politicians have overpromised on public employee retirement benefits, officials will be forced to reform the systems.”

Will Chris Christie be the GOP’s ‘pudgy presidential valentine’?

Noemie Emery, Examiner Columnist

“People love who Obama is, what he looks and sounds like, but what he does — tripling the debt, and giving us Obamacare — leaves them unsettled. On the other hand, few want to look like Christie, but what he has done — cutting spending, and dissing the unions — looks to be irresistible.”

or maybe it will be the bearded Doctor: Hard choices cannot wait another year

Sen. Tom Coburn, OpEd Contributor

“The problem is we’ve had countless Sputnik moments in recent decades that have created little more than space junk.”



Where the cash goes, Democratic Party policy flows

Mark Tapscott, Examiner Editorial Page Editor

“Liberal ideological groups, many of which are heavily funded or otherwise closely linked with influential Democratic insiders like George Soros and Drummond Pike, gave more than $33 million to federal candidates in 2010.”

Trial lawyers find their generosity to Democrats pays off

David Freddoso, Examiner Columnist

“A detailed Examiner analysis of the top 110 plaintiffs’ firms in America shows that their employees and partners gave about $7.3 million to political campaigns during the last cycle, with almost every penny — 97 percent — going to Democrats.”

Big Labor is the Democrats’ ATM

Mark Mix, OpEd Contributor

“Obamacare is jampacked with troubling provisions to divert billions of dollars into union coffers by bailing out unfunded union pension plans while exempting union health care plans from the new taxes meant to pay for the law.” The top 20 labor unions, for example, gave more than $68 million in 2010, with 94 percent of the total going to Democrats and just 4 percent to Republicans.

Government employee unions have become political bosses

James Sherk, OpEd Contributor

“Unionized government employees enjoy benefits that few private-sector workers can dream of.”

Meet the government employee unions’ 10 best friends in Congress

Mark Hemingway, Examiner Columnist

“It’s estimated that the liabilities for public sector union pensions could exceed $3 trillion, and are creating debts that threaten to bankrupt cities and states around the country.”



Ryan sounded the right note. Now the GOP must deliver

Examiner Editorial

“Ryan correctly noted that ‘when government takes on too many tasks, it usually doesn’t do any of them very well. It’s no coincidence that trust in government is at an all-time low now that the size of government is at an all-time high.'”

Too many caveats and concessions in State of the Union

Cal Thomas, Examiner Columnist

“There was no indication the president plans to retreat on his far-left agenda of the last two years. Why should he? That would require denying who he is.”

Can we be saved from our debt?

Walter Williams, Examiner Columnist

“Americans who detest our country and those who love our country are hell-bent, wittingly or unwittingly, on destroying it.”

Illegal immigrants already have a choice

Gregory Kane, Examiner Columnist

“Doesn’t providing the children of those illegal immigrants a free public education reward their breaking the law, instead of punishing it?”

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