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Recap: Obama Budget, Economy, Debt, Spending cuts, Massive Waste, Potential Gov Shutdown, and Tea Party views

March 1, 2011

GAO Report Reveals Massive Waste
Contributing to America’s $14T Debt

  • AP
  • GAO to release report today on federal spending that one senator says ‘will make us all look like jackasses.’
  • Boehner’s Adult Talk About Budget
  • Tea Party Looms Large on Spending
  • VIDEO: Tea Party on Shutdown
  • HERITAGE – Why Liberals Love Government Waste

    Yesterday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a 345-page report detailing 34 major areas of wasteful government spending that Sen. Tom Coburn (R–OK) says could save the federal government $100 billion or more every year…

  • Michael Reagan: This Isn’t Mere Duplication; It’s Unbridled Idiocy
  • Duplicative Programs Cost More than GOP Cuts

    Today, we commend Senator Coburn for initiating a GAO report which exposes the contempt in which the statists view taxpayers.

    Conservatives have always known that the promulgation of government programs was not conceived from some genuine conviction of Keynesian economics, or a professed concern for the recipients. Most government programs serve the function of a circuitous campaign financing operation for the Democrat Party. Taxpayer funds are expended indiscriminately for redistribution programs that create dependency and are administered by special interest groups. The dependency constituents are to reciprocate the taxpayer-funded favor by voting for Democrats, while the special interest groups are to recompense with campaign donations.

    Tea Party Influence Seen in GOP Anti-Spending Push

    Tea Party-backed members of Congress get credit for urging others in the GOP to stand firm for deep cuts

  • Polls: Voters Would Blame Dems for Fed Shutdown
  • York: Five Reasons Republicans Shouldn’t Fear a Government Shutdown
  • Michael Barone – The public no longer sees government shutdown as a ‘train wreck’

    We’re in a different political environment now in two important respects. The first is the media. There was no Internet or blogosphere in 1995; Fox News Channel did not start until October 1996; talk radio was in its infancy, with Rush Limbaugh already an important national voice but with few other conservative hosts on the air.
    In that environment, liberal-inclined media were able to tell the story and frame the issue the way they liked without much dissent. ABC’s Peter Jennings could compare voters who supported Gingrich Republicans to infants having a tantrum. Such voices don’t have a monopoly today.

    News from The Hill:

    Senate passes stopgap, setting up bigger spending fight with House
    By Alexander Bolton

    The Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday morning to keep the federal government operating another two weeks and cut $4 billion from its budget. Read the full story here.

    The emergency short-term legislation vote cleared the House on a bipartisan vote of 335-91. More than 100 Democrats joined all but six Republicans to support the measure aimed at averting a government shutdown this week.

    Conceding defeat this time, Senate Dems pledge to win next round
    By Alexander Bolton

    Senate Democrats conceded Tuesday that House Republicans won round one of the budget fight, but they are vowing a bigger battle later this month. Read the full story here.

    White House OK With Immediate Spending Cuts

    A Budget of Outlandish Foolishness

    Andrew B. Wilson | 2.25.11 @ 6:09AM

    Mr. Obama’s misery index is of Dickensian proportions.

    Obama’s economy heads further south
    February 28, 2011
    The general public has figured out that these folks do not have a clue on how to fix the nation’s problems while being told the economy is on the mend and headed in the right direction. More

    Ohio Dem to Obama: Dial Back EPA Carbon Regs

  • House Democrat to co-sponsor Bill Blocking EPA
  •   February 23, 2011

    Dear Policy Patriot,

    Leading Democrats, leading Republicans, most newspaper editorials–are all saying the same thing. President Obama’s new budget is ignoring the most serious domestic problem we face: debt. The President is ignoring the recommendations of his own debt commission, whose co-chairs were interviewed by NCPA President John C. Goodman last week. See it on C-Span here.

    Stop the Madness: The NCPA is the only organization that has developed workable solutions to this problem–including letting workers put funds aside to replace government funded Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid during their retirement years. As Policy Patriots you can help stop the madness. Share the link with your friends, colleagues and family. America needs to know what’s ahead.

    The NCPA’s ideas and work are changing the world. Help us help America by supporting our efforts.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Richard W. Walker, Chief Operating Officer NCPA

    The National Center for Policy Analysis is a public policy research organization that develops and promotes private alternatives to government regulation and control.

    More from NCPA:

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