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Wisconsin updates; Socialists invade, tone getting ridiculous – threats – union thuggery, and more mayhem

March 1, 2011

Walker Set to Reveal Rest Of Wis. Spending Cuts Plan

With union rights proposal stuck in limbo, GOP gov preps release of plan that includes major cuts to schools…

  • VIDEO: Layoffs Coming in Wisconsin?
  • Wisconsin Business Owner Targeted By Protesters 
  • Hannity: Mayhem in Madison

    Dick Morris talks Wis. budget battle, defeating Obama’s agenda
    Get more Sean

    Greta: The Right Thing

    Gov. Brewer on Wis. governor’s budget battle, Arizona’s Medicaid woes
    Get more Greta

    O’Reilly Factor: Talking Points

  • Why Obama hasn’t gone to Wisconsin
    Dobbs in No Spin Zone
  • Wisconsin Dem assemblyman to GOP colleague; ‘You are effing dead!’
    March 01, 2011
    Don’t you just love the new tone in our politics? More

    Wisconsin’s Final Throes Begin ─ Polls Blame Democrats

    The fallout has officially begun in Wisconsin’s public-employee union impasse, as teachers in several Wisconsin school districts received layoff notices Monday while President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies started feeling the heat of public opinion turning against them.


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    Wisconsin Dem to GOP Colleague: ‘You’re F***ing Dead

    Rep. Paul Ryan: Wisc. Democrats ‘Lack Respect for Rule of Law’

    WatchTeachers Union Pres.: ‘Let Us Police Our Own Profession’  “stop it already” Read More »


    Watch‘A Guy Just Hit Me’: Fox News Reporter Attacked at Wis. Protest During Live Broadcast

    “There is hate in their eyes.” Read More »


    Hundreds of Wisconsin Cops Take Sides With Leftist Protesters Inside Capitol Building

    “We will be sleeping here with you!”

    WatchMoveOn.org Protester Throws Slavery Jab at Black Tea Partier

    Blaze Exclusive: International Socialists Orchestrate Unions‘ Rally to ’Save the American Dream’

    “Our members are involved in helping to build a number of struggles.” Read More »



    AFL-CIO Boss: Raising Taxes is ‘Best Way’ to Create Jobs

    Yeh, for you and your union, not for everyone else. Read More »

    WatchGetting Easier: Trumka Says Obama Administration More Friendly to Labor With Bill Daley Than Rahm Emanuel

    What if Collective Bargaining ‘Rights’ Were Antitrust Violations? (NOT WHAT IF, THEY ARE!)

    WatchMSNBC‘s O’Donnell: ‘Union Boss’ Term Is Racist When Talking About Obama

    This guy’s O’Donnell’s jerkiness just never stops does it?

    Is there anything that a conservative (or should we says non liberal) can say besides hello, that isn’t racist?

    WatchBlaze Exclusive: International Anarchists, Socialists and Marxists (Not Average Union Workers) Have a Substance-Fueled Rave While Taking Over Wisconsin State Capitol
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