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This weeks “Obama Watch”

March 3, 2011

Barack Obama Turns to Deep-Pocketed Donors to Help Win the Future

By Michael Beckel on March 3, 2011

In late February, President Barack Obama announced 22 new members for his council on jobs and competitiveness, a group he established in January. The new appointees are also linked by a shared experience: donating to Democrats.

Nineteen of these 22 appointees have given a combined $4.2 million to Democratic groups and candidates since 1989, according to research by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Obama himself has received a combined $79,050 over the years from half of these appointees. Additionally, one of these council members and the wife of another donated $50,000 a piece to Obama’s 2009 presidential inaugural committee.

Among them? Penny Pritzker, the Obama presidential campaign’s national finance chairwoman, who also served as co-chair of the Obama’s inaugural committee, to which she also personally donated. via Barack Obama Turns to Deep-Pocketed Donors to Help Win the Future – OpenSecrets Blog | OpenSecrets.


The only thing wrong with capitalism is crony capitalism, and here’s an example of it as it runs rampant through the Obama administration:

The last time the US ran such a loose monetary policy in combination with high unemployment was in the 1970’s, and the result was global and US “stagflation” with high unemployment and runaway inflation, it took three very difficult years and a Ronald Reagan in office to overcome the devastation of that period, by turning away from Carter (Obama like) policies.

By: Dr. David Newton – Santa Barbara, CA – February 27, 2011

David Newton is Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance and heads the entrepreneurship program at Westmont.  He is the author of 7 books and over 160 articles.  His latest book is JOB CREATION: How It Really Works And Why Government Doesn’t Understand It – available in pre-print version as a PDF download at www.JobCreationUSA.com (hard copy will be released in mid-January).  His co-author is Andrew Puzder, CEO of Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc.

Three weeks ago, President Obama spoke to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, during which we made five specific comments that once again clearly underscore his lack of even the most basic understanding of economics and private sector business.  It remains troublesome that the president would make any one of these statements individually.  But taken in their entirety, they reveal a cumulative commentary about his views of American enterprise and its relationship to the federal government; in his own words, it’s a “game”. A “GAME”!…

House Republicans need to put another item on their to-do list: ask Attorney General Eric Holder for his resignation ASAP.Two years ago he insulted every American when he called us “a nation of cowards.” Yesterday in front of a House Appropriations Committee Hearing he all but admitted he’s not about to honor the Pledge of Allegiance’s promise of “justice for all.” Why? Because of his reverse racism in (mis)handling the black panther voter intimidation case.

The noticeable lack of leadership by the president is obvious to all. Even WaPo’s Ruth Marcus, a staunch liberal columnist, asks “Where’s Waldo?” about the Obama White House. The American presidency has been allowed to drift into the background on both domestic and foreign policy matters, as decisive leadership in crisis after crisis fails to materialize.

Evidence suggests that Islamic aggression toward America has actually risen under Obama’s watch.  For example, Time — no conservative or right-wing publication — has reported that over one-third of the 32 terrorist-related events that America has endured since 9/11 occurred during just the first year of Obama’s presidency.  And lest we forget the true nature of the Fort Hood massacre shooting of 2009, Obama also has the distinction of having presided over the first terrorist attack on American soil since that day of infamy almost a decade ago. That the Islamic terrorist has become significantly more emboldened during President Obama’s watch is indeed a phenomenon provoking no inconsiderable measure of curiosity.

So what exactly happened to the “new tone” of civility declared by President Obama and the Democrats after the Arizona shooting?

Well in Wisconsin, Unions traded in their “new tone” of civility for picket signs with gun targets and pictures of Hitler, accompanied by vitriolic threats, lot’s of vulgarity and hate filled speech directed at Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Party. And based on President Obama’s non-condemnation of Union actions and behavior in Wisconsin, he has obviously granted Unions an exemption from his “new tone” mandate.

Obamacare, budget cuts, public employees: There are three basic components involved in any magic trick: an assurance of truth, misdirection, and the deception.

Republican governors and members of Congress vowed Tuesday to fight an ongoing Obama administration plan to make millions of acres of undeveloped land in the West eligible for federal wilderness protection. The GOP officials said the plan would circumvent Congress’s authority and could be used to declare a vast swath of public land off-limits to oil-and-gas drilling.

Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., said the policy threatens the economy in rural Western states and accused the Obama administration of waging a “war on the West.” Idaho Gov. Butch Otter called the plan “a drastic change in public policy for public lands that was done without public input.” He called on Congress to “take back its authority” and block the new policy. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, appearing with Otter at a hearing before the House Natural Resources Committee, called on the GOP-led panel to “help us right a very real and very damaging wrong.”

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