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Budget (FAIL) Obamacare (FAIL) Regulatory tyranny (FAIL)

March 14, 2011

The Democratic Party Versus the Tea Party

by Peter Ferrara

The Democrats consider the Tea Party and its grassroots activists to be on another planet, and bitterly oppose everything they believe in … like balancing the budget.

Tea Party Senators Fed Up With ‘Absurd’ Budget Bills

To Be Continued?

There is growing freshman GOP opposition to a new short-term funding bill.
Andrew Stiles 03/14 2:12 P.M.

  • Rubio: I Won’t Support Any More Stop-Gap Budgets
  • GOP Conservatives Balk at Stopgap Spending Bill

  • Obama, Senate Democrats Diverge Over Budget

    3 Disturbing Images of Obama (lets concentrate on #1 of the 3, the Budget) 

    Published March 14, 2011 By Karl Rove

    Last week was a bad week for America because it was a bad week for President Obama

    Then there was the on-going budget battle. The failure of Mr. Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to pass a budget before the start of the fiscal year last October 1 is an astonishing act of incompetence. They controlled the entire process with wide margins in both houses. Now we are reduced to funding the government of the world’s most powerful nation with continuing resolutions that cover two or three-week periods. And Congressional Democrats are whining it is impossible to cut $60 billion out of a budget that consists of $3.8 trillion dollars.

    At a Friday morning press conference Mr. Obama called the failure to pass a budget “irresponsible” and said “the notion that we can’t get resolved last year’s budget in a sensible way…defies common sense.” But he was not passive observer. He’s the president who failed to get his own budget approved by his own party last year. 

    Then Mr. Obama went on to say of the budget that “it shouldn’t be that complicated…to get this completed.” This came after weeks during which Democratic Congressional leaders criticized the president for providing no leadership, then the appointment by Mr. Obama of Vice President Joe Biden as his personal negotiator on the budget, and Mr. Biden’s almost immediate departure for a weeklong foreign trip. Mr. Obama still refused to get his hands dirty by offering a possible solution.

    THE BUDGET – The Dems’ Dull Scissors
    Why is it so hard to cut so little?

    Jonah Goldberg 03/11 12:00 A.M.

    SOCIAL SECURITY – Obama’s Hoax
    The Obama administration perpetrates a breathtaking fraud.
    Charles Krauthammer 03/11 12:00 A.M.

    The Obama WatchA Thousand Points of Blight

    David Catron | 3.10.11 @ 6:08AM

    ObamaCare waivers top 1,000 as White House stonewalls congressional inquiry.

    The Right PrescriptionWaiver Goodbye to Obama

    Ross Kaminsky | 3.2.11 @ 6:08AM

    No matter what he’s selling, states know there’s no way out of the fiscal trainwreck that is Obamacare.  

    George WillObamacare Would Collapse Without Insurance Mandate

    Delving into Obama’s Bizarre Priorities

    In between golf outings, Barack Obama has seen fit to jump into the arena of politics and push his priorities. The problem is that no one else shares those priorities. At a time when there is a host … Read more

    If You Missed Deconstructing Obama on Book-TV
    March 14, 2011
    Jack Cashill’s presentation on his groundbreaking book is now available online on the C-SPAN website. More

     TAS Live

    Quotations From Chairman Ryan

    G. Tracy Mehan, III | 3.3.11 @ 6:08AM – Shifting from a culture of spending to one of cutting.

     The Tax and Spend Spectator

    A Budget of Outlandish Foolishness

    Andrew B. Wilson | 2.25.11 @ 6:09AM – Mr. Obama’s misery index is of Dickensian proportions.

    Hooray for the U.S. House For Standing Up to Regulatory Tyranny On Cap-and-Trade and Net Neutrality

    Published March 14, 2011  By Phil Kerpen

    With the Republican House putting the brakes on Obama’s continued pursuit of a “fundamental transformation” of America through the legitimate legislative process, action has shifted to the regulatory realm, where this administration is aggressively pursuing its agenda. 

    Unelected regulators are usurping the legislative power that the people, in the Constitution, granted to Congress. Just as judicial tyranny (judges usurping legislative power) has been a major and well-founded concern of activists for decades, Congress must step in and stop this regulatory tyranny.

    Fortunately, the House Energy and Commerce Committee will begin action today to stop two of the most egregious regulatory power grabs of this administration. As documented at www.ObamaChart.com, the EPA’s global warming regulations and the FCC’s Internet regulations…

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