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So the unions want to play this little game, Ok, time to fight back. This is a union free household and we demand a union free community!

April 30, 2011

Anti-Walker‘Stick It to Walker’: Pro-Union Protesters Target and harrass ‘Pro’-Wisconsin Gov Companies With Stickers at Stores

but that’s Ok, as a matter a fact thanks for starting this as 2 can play at this game:

  • Update: ‘sticky note campaign’ gains momentum Meredith Jessup

    Since I first reported on the so-called “sticky note campaign,” it has more than doubled in size, now capturing the attention of more than 8,000 people on Facebook alone. Most noticeably, the campaign’s sticky notes are now popping up in locations across the country.  (Click here to see more pics)

    North Carolina debates putting gas in the car vs. buying groceries:

    Colorado struggles at the pump:

    And one of my favs so far popped up in Michigan to ask, “Who is John Galt?”:

    I don’t know who started this campaign or what their ultimate motive was, but the conservative blogosphere is spreading the word and setting some ground rules.  I’m quickly becoming a fan of this campaign for a few key reasons:

    1. It silently makes a statement while not being destructive/obstructive;

    2. It’s el cheapo; and

    3. Anyone can do it.

    Have you seen any sticky notes popping up in your neighborhood?  What do you think about the “sticky note campaign”?  Email me at mjessup@theblaze.com with your thoughts!

And one more thing, do the Unions think we can’t boycott them too? Well here’s a news flash, Yes we can!

Next car? we’re buying one made in a right to work state, and one not made by bailed out companies like G.M. whose unions benefited more than anyone from our tax dollars.

Next time you need some contracting work done? It won’t be a union plumber, electrician, carpenter, paver, ect who gets hired.

Need home health care? Not from unionized nurses we don’t.

Going shopping today? Not at a store with a union workforce we’re not.

Where to send your kid to school? Not where unionized teachers are teaching. (and public school budgets? Protest them and vote them down if there is 1 dollar in tax increases – often fueled by union demands)

Your city or town or public school wants to do a municipal project? Protest it and vote it down if it’s going to be done by union crews.

Your local or state public workforce wants a new contract approved, more raises and continuing lavish benefits? Demand your reps vote it down, and vote it down again, and when the unions threaten arbitration, Ok – here come the layoffs instead.

Anything that deals with the SEIU? Protest and deny them. They are tied with corrupt groups like Acorn and Planned parenthood, their leaders are and push all things socialist and communist, they give all their money partisanly to Democrats and all things left, they knowingly hire illegal aliens, they incite liberal violence and disruption, and they constantly push for more and more for themselves unfairly from your tax dollars.

The AFL-CIO, Trumpka and his gang of thugs? You make it we don’t buy it. What else do you respresent, oh yes police and fire, sorry we’re not hiring right now.

Air traffic controllers: Reagan did the right thing once, the right thing will be done again, we demand it of our representatives (you know the elected and accountable ones). You sleep your fired.

The TSA? Unionize them, not on your lives. Demand your representatives not allow it. For that matter insist they privatize the whole darn program. On that same note, demand that government at ll levels privatize as much as possible (ie. unionized highway depts ect.)

You have upcoming elections? Tell your Reps and Candidates, they take a union endorsement, they don’t get your vote.

and Demand your Reps throw Card Check legislation in the dung heap where it belongs.

We could go on and on, but you get the point, it’s time to fight back! The only question that remains is when will they get the point?

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