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Big Brother; Obama White House Wants to Track and Tax Your Mileage. Anti-Energy Policies Are Bankrupting America. and more

May 7, 2011
Does Obama need to know your how many miles you’re driving? The administration, stung by rising gas prices and an 8-month high in jobless claims Thursday, is backing away from their track-and-tax plan. But in March, the Congressional Budget Office offered support for taxing drivers based on how many miles they travel. Payment, it suggested, could be collected automatically at service stations.

White House Wants to Track and Tax Your Mileage

Not paying enough at the pump? The Obama White House has just the plan for you. A draft proposal of a new auto tax envisions installing Big Brother-like tracking devices on private cars and taxing citizens based on how many miles they drive.


Go Ahead, Make Our Day
J. Kowalski
A 21st century Intolerable Act; The Obama Administration re-floats the automobile mileage tax,  More

What free country? Obama wants to track your car mileage
May 05, 2011
Big Brother wants to ride along in your car with you. More

By Peter Ferrara
A campaign promise kept: he wants higher gasoline prices and his policies guarantee they will only go higher…

Capitol Hill in the Market For Gas Price Solutions

Lawmakers push to bring down gas prices to around $4 per gallon before summer travel season starts


As gas prices rise, Senatorial opposition to American oil production is indefensible.

Take Action: Get Your Senators on the Record

For years, dozens of US Senators have opposed increasing America’s oil production. Declining domestic oil production is one factor in the skyrocketing gasoline prices facing Americans. 

The US House is doing its part. Now is the time to push those Senators to reconsider their stances: how high will gas prices rise before they consider allowing more domestic oil production? $5 a gallon? $6 a gallon?

You sent them to Washington to work in America’s best interest, now it’s time to hold them accountable. Here’s how:

  1. Call your Senators and ask: how high do gas prices need to get before they’ll rethink their opposition to increased oil production?
  2. Report your results on our website. We will maintain an up-to-date list of Senators’ stances.
  3. Share the intel you’ve gathered with your fellow conservatives to spread the word about Washington’s indefensible opposition to American oil production.
Take the first step: call your Senators and ask them when they’ll support more American oil production.Together, we can hold Congress accountable.Thanks for taking action,

Russ Vought, Political Director
Heritage Action for America

Obama’s Anti-Energy Policies Are Bankrupting America


Randall Stilley has witnessed firsthand the Obama administration’s job-killing agenda. As the president and chief executive of Seahawk Drilling, he had to lay off 632 employees before filing for bankruptcy — a direct result of President Barack Obama’s anti-energy policies.

Stilley’s company owned and operated 20 shallow-water rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The lack of energy production — a consequence of Obama’s drilling moratorium and subsequent “permitorium” — led to Seahawk’s demise. Now he’s speaking out, sharing Seahawk’s story in a new video from Heritage and the Institute for Energy Research.

It’s an unfortunate example of how policies in Washington are harming American jobs and also squelching energy production at a time when consumers are paying $4-per-gallon for gasoline.  

Exxon Earns Huge Profits, But Also Pays Huge Taxes

Gas prices and industry earnings: A few things to think about the next time you fill up 

April 27, 2011 | Posted by Ken Cohen

Click the link above to read the article with chart details


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