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Illegal immigration: Phony numbers, undermining America, Obama’s lawbreaking, bad policy, and constant impeachability; Border threat generally plus Hezbollah and terrorism; Hispanic commie tactics esp in Calif, hollywood tactics, the lefts tactics of mass action and lawbreaking, the unions and teachers, and NYC’s idiot mayor; The will of the “American People”, the costs and numbers, take action now and stop illegal immigration!

May 7, 2011

 PreviewAriz. Sheriff: Feds Order Release of Illegals to Phony Up Numbers

The U.S. Border Patrol has told its agents to stop arresting illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico to keep the illegal immigration numbers down, Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever says.

“For the secretary of homeland security to say the border is more secure than ever, well, I’ve been there forever and there was a happier time than what it is today. We have a long, long way to go,” says Sheriff Larry Dever.

Obama Drops Immigration Ball on Congress
President Barack Obama wants immigration, but he also wants Congress to do the heavy lifting, The Hill reports. That’s trademark Obama style, mirroring his approach to healthcare, financial reform, energy reform, and the budget. Indeed, congressmen on both sides of the aisle have complained about his lack of leadership on these issues.

As for immigration reform, it has little chance of passage without the president’s full engagement. And even if he does get heavily involved the gap between Republican and Democratic views on the issue is huge.

Some critics speculate that Obama is bringing up immigration now simply to assure Hispanic voters that he agrees with them on the issue so that he doesn’t lose their votes next November.

Blaze Exclusive Social Justice in School PART 1: Piven & Professors Push Voting Rights for Non-Citizens & Borderless, One-World, Anti-Capitalism, 

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Bill Fletcher Jr – Leading Socialist Calls for Mass Actions, Law Breaking, to Re-Elect Obama in 2012 (and that includes illegals of course)

Submitted by Trevor on April 28, 2011

Bill Fletcher, Jr., is a Senior Scholar with the far left Institute for Policy Studies, and a member of both Democratic Socialists of America and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

In 2008, Fletcher co-founded Progressives for Obama, with veteran communist activist Tom Hayden, leftist actor as well as Chavez and Castro lover Danny Glover and fellow DSAer Barbara Ehrenreich.

Writing in The Rag Blog, Fletcher explains what “progressives” must do, to secure a victory for Barack Obama in 2008.

It is a grass roots vision, taking focus off the President and instead using mass action and the people’s movements to unseat to defeat Republicans and centrist Democrats.

It is a revolutionary vision, in that it calls for law breaking, and “masses of people making a situation untenable”.

It is an internationalist vision, looking to revolutions abroad, both for inspiration and solidarity.

This is a “people’s power” strategy, owing not a little to recent events in the Middle East.

Comrade Fletcher now talking what “progressives” must do for Obama in 2012;

1. Forget running a candidate against Obama in 2012. That would be a sure way to alienate much of his black and Latin base. Instead, there needs to be a progressive strategy focused on Congressional races. That means identifying key races to run genuine progressive candidates against conservative Democrats and/or Republicans.

2. We need to build an electoral organization that can run such candidates. There are examples of these around the country but we need to expand, ultimately building something at the national level that rivals the vision of the National Rainbow Coalition from the late 1980s. It needs to be an organization that has a mass base and can run candidates inside and outside the Democratic Party.

3. We desperately need mass action. Wisconsin was wonderful for many reasons but one important one was the sustained presence in the capitol. A protest movement focused on power needs to be prepared to break the law, not through the actions of a few individuals, but much as happened in Wisconsin, as well as in the Civil Rights movement, with masses of people making a situation untenable.

But we also have to develop key strategic targets for our actions where we are clear on what we want them to do. This will largely happen at the local level at first, but it can also happen at the national level, such as through selective boycotts.

4. We have to think and act globally and locally. We must link with social movements around the world challenging U.S. foreign policy, providing such movements with whatever level of support we can. We cannot allow more Honduras coup situations, and we have to make it clear that U.S. policy in Afghanistan is a disaster.

While many on the US left express disappointment with Obama, when push comes to shove, they will back their man to the hilt,

The US left understands that 2012 is decisive.

If a conservative Republican wins, they know that many of the US left’s hard fought gains will  be rolled back.

If Obama wins, they know the socialist juggernaut will be virtually unstoppable.

Consequently the US left, from Democrats to socialists, to Marxist-Leninists, will throw every thing into this election. Look for mass protests, street violence, intimidation and mass law breaking,  as the US left mounts a do or die, last gasp “The Offensive” against Middle America and its values.

Eva Longoria, Presidential Advisor? (Unbelievable, hollywood dopes advising a President, though maybe fitting considering him a dope too)

  • Posted on May 6, 2011 at 2:47pm by Mike Opelka Mike Opelka

So, Eva Longoria was brainstorming with the President last week… (wait, what?)

Please tell me this is just a ‘sweeps stunt’ for a very special episode of ABC‘s ’Desperate Housewives.’ (Desperate White House Wives?)

Nope. Ms. Longoria met with the President last week, not just once, but twice. She was part of a small group of Latino celebs brainstorming with the President “to reframe the immigration argument.’

Watch the short clip as she reveals a key part of the Democratic Party’s plan to take back the House in 2012.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwaV7r5gcAY&feature=player_embedded

Based on that brief statement, it is apparent that Democrats are enlisting Latino celebrities to revive the Dream Act. And any incumbent who does not support Immigration Reform, ‘will pay.’

H/T to CNS News

Eva Longoria
Oooh, look how pretty she is, we should all bow down and listen. We have a better idea, hey Eva and the rest of you pompous privileged hollywoodites, go get a makeover and shutup. We don’t care how much latino support he got, those were legal latinos, not invading foreign nationals (or were they?)
Friday, May 06, 2011, 04:36 PM
Actress Eva Longoria, who has met with President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss immigration reform told CNSNews.com that given the amount of Latinos that supported Obama in the 2008 election, there is “…
Interior Secretary Salazar Wants Latino Art Museum Added to National Mall (why, so you can hang up paintings of Che Guerva and Fidel Castro in D.C.)
NY DAILY NEWS: Mayor Bloomberg has solution to immigration problem: Make them live in Detroit. Mayor Bloomberg has a fix for the nation’s immigration debate: Send ’em to Detroit. “If I were the federal government,” Bloomberg told David Gregory on NBC‘s Meet the Press Sunday morning. “Assuming you could wave a magic wand and pull everybody together, you pass a law letting immigrants come in as long as they agree to go to Detroit and live there for five or ten years.” Full story
Detroit, the end game of liberalism
May 06, 2011
What do you get when a mighty industrial city is subject to six decades of one party rule and unchecked union greed? Detroit.

A Chat About Illegal Immigration- A liberal accidentally explains why she supports illegal immigration.

The Immigration911 citizens’ bill for immigration reform

Stop illegal immigration and protect the rule of law in the United States. Polls show that over 70% of the American people want sweeping changes in our immigration laws and strict enforcement. With runaway government spending leading us toward bankruptcy, immigration reform is essential to shoring up deficits, curbing entitlement growth and creating American jobs. To ensure this reform reflects the will of American citizens, we must take action now!

2009 Federal Expenditures on Illegal Immigrants  $28,795,400,000
2009 State / Local Expenditures on Illegal Immigrants  $84,211,000,000
NET TOTAL after offset of various taxes received $99,594,600,000

and since 2009: $157,748,601,348 and growing!

The Immigration911 citizens’ bill subjects your lawmakers to the will of American citizens. This website allows you to vote on the issues and generate multiple, individually addressed copies of a standard or custom letter to your elected officials. It automatically determines who your elected officials are and what their addresses are. It also tallies votes specific to each elected official’s jurisdiction and attaches a statistical addendum to each letter. This means that with every letter they receive, they will be up-to-date on the latest numbers reflecting their constituent’s feelings on immigration reform. It also means their choice will be clear: Either vote to reflect the will of the people or be voted out of office!

Please join the Immigration911 movement and help save our country. You may feel helpless now, but by spending 10 minutes to complete the following 5 steps, you will be doing something that counts to stop illegal immigration!

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