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July 7, 2011

Obama’s Final Solution
James Lewis
President Barack Obama is the most dogmatic and dangerous leftist we have ever seen in this country. More

President Quixote’s Legacy: Confused, Ill-Educated and Not Too Bright – Monty Pelerin

Obama’s Mickey Mouse Administration – Bruce Thompson

Smartest president ever gets lost in the weeds Let’s face it, that false narrative is long since over. In reality your no messiah and the most inexperienced and naive president, probably ever!

The Community Organizer Who Would be King
Clarice Feldman
We’ve reached a turning point in this presidency where Obama’s (and Michelle’s) delusions of grandeur have become objects of ridicule More

Obama Wussed Out
James G. Wiles
Mark Halperin is wrong. He’s not a ‘dick.’ He’s a wuss, and the story of how he just wussed out has not really been told. More

Laws are for the little people, not President Obama
July 3, 2011
President Obama blatantly breaks election law. More

An inconvenient Justice
July 3, 2011
It is dawning on the Left that their messiah is turning into a Pied Piper

 Obama’s Foreign Policy misadventures and Joke of a Counterterrorism Strategy; the Iranian threat worse than ever; the Dispicable U.N.; the Gaza Flotilla disgrace; the Radical Muslim BrotherHOOD; The Obamayyad of Barry Hussein; OPEC; Libya; Syria; Arab Spring; TSA: A Portrait in Islamization; and the outrageous treatment of our friend and ally Israel.

Obama’s secret plan to spin his Libyan misadventure
July 3, 2011
All that’s required is that everyone ignore a story the MSM didn’t bother reporting.

On Libya, Obama has angered both sides in Congress
Read More

Obama Troop Cuts Went Beyond Largest Withdrawal Offered By Top General
Read More

Commanders say Obama overruled them on Afghanistan
Read More

The Obama Doctrine: Feckless or Logically Coherent?
July 3, 2011
Coherent to him maybe, but inimical to American interests.

The Real Threat of the Debt Ceiling
Anthony J.Ciani
The State of Minnesota provides us a glimpse into the bleak future of an Obama-led apocalypse.

The Improbable DREAM Act
July 3, 2011
Disguising an act of Congress with a whiff of propaganda More

Obama: Tax ‘The Rich’ — Again

 by Peter Roff

Obama has to get the nation moving again or he’s going to join the 9.1 percent of Americans looking for a job in about eighteen months.

Heritage Backgrounder posted March 29, 2011 by Ryan Messmore, D.Phil. Obama’s Latest Proposal to Reduce Charitable Deductions Would Crowd Out Civil Society

Abstract: President Barack Obama’s FY 2012 budget proposal would harm charitable organizations by raising the tax rate on upper-income individuals and families and reducing their income tax deduction for charitable donations. These two changes in the tax code would discourage charitable donations and leave…wait for it…people more dependent on government, can you imagine that!  Read more

PJMedia Sues Department of Defense for Climate Conference Info

 by Patrick Richardson

What happened to the transparency that candidate Obama promised?

Obama’s Oil Reserve Plunder Blunder – Steve McCann

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