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The Latest on the Debt Ceiling fight, and a sidenote: West vs Debbie Downer

July 22, 2011

Let us be perfectly clear, enough with the straw man arguments, enough with the disingenuous statements, and darn sure enough with the empty threats.

1- We have enough revenue stream to pay the interest on our debt and essential services (Soc sec, Medicare, Military, ect.) at the least, to that there is no question.

2- We will not default (see #1) and as to the 14th amendment argument; It does not give the president the power to execute an economic fiat, to institute a dictatorship that violates the separation of powers by usurping congressional authority, nor is the congress empowered to abdicate their authority and responsibility. If we do default it would only be because Obama does it on purpose, violating the Constitution. Further on that argument, the 14th does not speak to taking on more debt, it only speaks to paying obligations, and what fool is going to borrow money to pay back borrowed money? That’s what you call a ponzi scheme!

3- The main reason our credit rating is in jeopardy is not because of the prospect of default, but rather because of the existing level of our debt. Taking on even more debt will not alleviate this problem.

4- If any extension of the debt limit is to be allowed at all, it must be done as a short-term measure to get us to the start of the 2012 fiscal cycle which is Oct 1st, and with a matching spending reduction plan that will allow for immediately paying back the additional debt, as opposed to institutionalizing it as a permanent increase. In addition and most importantly, it must be done in accordance with a 2012 budget plan that has massive spending reductions partnered with a deficit reduction plan that brings down our debt and deficit over the next 5 years to near 2008 levels and gets “total” (not just domestic) spending down to 19% of GPD.



President Obama, speaking at a news conference Tuesday above, had previously told congressional leaders that he would veto a short-term deal after Senate Republicans had floated the option of extending the debt limit for several months. Opponents of such a deal fear that, once the limit is raised, it will reduce pressure to reach an agreement on reducing the $1.5 trillion annual deficit. (AP Photo)


Obama Backs Down in Debt Battle

President Barack Obama has backed down from his staunch refusal to consider a short-term deal to raise the debt limit, even going so far last week as to warn House Majority Leader Eric Cantor not to call his bluff on the issue. But White House press secretary Jay Carney now says that Obama would accept a “very short extension” of the debt limit if a major deficit-cutting agreement were in place.

The Fear-Based Economy

by Tom Blumer – Further tax increases could bring an already frightened, sputtering economy to a standstill. – and (the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy) is why! –

Options Limited in Debt Ceiling Mess

by Dan Miller – The “unexpected” debt limit mess has persisted far too long for anything better than the least bad outcome to be anticipated.

Flashback – Michael Reagan: Dad’s Still Waiting for Democratic Spending Cuts

Ronald Reagan’s son Michael is countering the claims a Democratic advertisement makes in using The Gipper’s own words to attack Republicans over the debt ceiling fight.

“When my father was president, the Democrats promised him $3 in spending cuts for every dollar of new taxes,” said Reagan, a Republican strategist who is spokesman for The Reagan Nation and chairman and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. “When my father died in 2004, he was still waiting for the spending cuts.”

Nearly a quarter-century ago President Reagan said, “Congress consistently brings the government to the edge of default before facing its responsibility,” and warns of rising interest raids, unpaid Social Security and veterans’ benefits, and turmoil in financial markets if the debt limit is not raised.”

Deficit Deal Close to Getting Done … or Is It?

Sources say potential debt deal close to getting done despite House speaker, White House denying reports

The House must stand firm while the Senate continues to be a joke!

‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ Now – Sen. DeMint makes case to Greta for plan in debt crisis


Executive truth-tellers about Obama’s disastrous policies
July 21, 2011 – Normally cautious big business CEOs are so appalled they are starting to speak out, in numbers.

How Network News Helped Bring About the Crash

by Andrew Klavan – NBC, ABC, and CBS were major factors to the 2008 crash and are helping to pave the way to future economic troubles now.

Sen. Lee: Congress Fears Balanced-Budget Amendment Would Minimize Their Power
The American people need a balanced-budget amendment to halt the government’s blank check, says Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. Lee is the lead sponsor of the cut, cap, and balance plan in the Senate.


Pete Hoekstra: Obama Policies, Grass-Roots Support Drive Senate Bid
Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra does an about-face and says he is “absolutely” running for the U.S. Senate to quash big government. The Michigan Republican says in this Newsmax.TV video that he hopes to turn around the inside-the-beltway mentality that has stalled the country.

West: ‘I Stand by What I Said’ (and so do we!)

Republican lawmaker Allen West says he will not apologize to DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz after calling her ‘vile’ and ‘not a lady’ in response to her criticism of him on the House floor.

West vs. Wasserman Schultz – Should GOP lawmaker apologize to DNC chair? (we’ll answer this for you; Not a chance!)


Kathleen Parker – Bachmann’s Headaches Reinforce Stereotypes (and yet we don’t hear ultra-fem Debbie Wasserman Schultz rushing to her defense)

Authoritative reports on Michelle Bachmann’s migraines
July 21, 2011 – She refuses to play the victim.  (hey Debbie Wasserman Schultz, here’s yet another lesson for you)

(and one more; Debbie will you denounce your buddy and fellow Democrat?) Rahm blows his top
July 21, 2011 – The lady reporter’s question that sent the Chicago mayor into a finger-pointing, yelling, stepping-within-inches-of tantrum, in “her” face, with video. More

We’ve posted this before, and it’s apparently time to do so again.

Did you know that Wasserman has used this spat to raise money, as of this morning $100,000.

So we might as well fight fire with fire, if you are able, please go here and support Congressman West.


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