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The ongoing Debt debate: Tea Party triumph- No tax hikes- discussion now about Smaller Government; Boehner and Co. the only ones doing their jobs; Democrats remain Extreme; President still doesn’t lead; Red states leading Recovery – Blue states Not, the MSM still a disgrace, and more…

August 1, 2011

WALL STREET JOURNAL: A Tea Party Triumph: The debt deal is a rare bipartisan victory for the forces of smaller government. Well, it’s an incremental triumph at best. But, you know, we got in this mess via a series of incremental triumphs for the forces of larger government, so . . .

Extremism and the Democratic PartyJames M. Thunder| 8.1.11 @ 6:08AMExtremism in the defense of big government is a vice. 
GOP Charge: ‘Top Senate Dem Gets Law Wrong Trying to Explain Missing Budget’August 1, 2011 – WASHINGTON– In an interview today on “FOX News Sunday,” Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin falsely claimed that Democrats have not passed a budget in 823 days because they have been unable to muster 60 votes for passage.Durbin’s claim is incorrect for three reasons: First, budget law states that budget resolutions are privileged, meaning they cannot be filibustered, only require a simple majority vote for passage, and can be brought up by the majority party (which controls the Senate floor schedule) at any time. Second, for a large portion of last year, Democrats controlled 60 seats in the Senate, and still chose not to pass a budget plan for the nation. Finally, Senate Democrats have not even written or introduced a budget plan this year, much less passed one out of the Senate.

$2.4 Trillion and the Progressives Say No

According to FOX NEWS, the latest debt limit deal has an increase of $2.4 Trillion, with $1 Trillion happening immediately, and the rest based on certain “triggers” as they have become known. Congress would have until the Thanksgiving recess to come up with $1.2 Trillion in spending cuts. If not passed by December, automatic “across the board” cuts would then go into effect.Yet, FOX also announced that the Progressive Caucus (the ones who proposed the most embarrassing and insulting budget ever!) has stated that they can not support the new possible deal because it DOES NOT include tax increases.It seems that the idea of compromise has gone out the window. As the Progressives are showing, their “rigid ideology” of taxation (see Big Government and Government Control) is far more important than the welfare of the nation, and much more important than backing their weakened leader, President Obama. (see remarks from Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) leader of the Progressive Caucus)One no longer has to opine as to who the real radicals are. They are obvious, and they want your money.
SALENA ZITO: The White House’s Over-The-Cliff Moment: “When historians look back on this moment in American politics, they may wonder why the White House failed to focus on the consuming issue of the time: the economy — and, in particular, jobs. . . . In June, the nation’s unemployment rate rose for a third straight month, as employers added only 18,000 workers and corporate earnings languished. Anyone buying basic groceries can feel the pinch of consumer prices rising to offset higher commodity costs, so buying little beyond what you absolutely need has become the norm. President Barack Obama’s support has eroded among the very independent voters who helped him sweep into office. That drop-off is based on his inability to lead on numerous issues, but most importantly on the economy.”

Who Has More Debt? Red States or Blue States?

by Roger Kimball – Suddenly the familiar election map takes on a new meaning.

Great Debt Standoff – Media coverage of debt crisis tilted?

Forget the NY Times:  OBAMA AND BUSH’S REAL EFFECTS ON THE DEFICIT in one graphic.

‘Significant Progress’ in Debt Talks

  • GOP leaders and WH make ‘significant progress’ on deal to avoid government default that would raise the nation’s debt limit by about $2.4 trillion and require Congress to vote on a balanced budget amendment.

Fight Tests Leadership of Obama, Boehner

‘They sure as hell didn’t call him a leader’
July 30, 2011 – Behind his back and not for attribution, Prominent Democrats on the hill are saying awful things about Obama More

An alternate default; inflation
July 30, 2011- Paying back our creditors with devalued, inflationary currency is just as bad as not paying them at all. More

A Further Perspective – Steve Wynn Is Right

Iain Murray| 7.29.11 @ 6:08AM

Too much government is killing the economy.

Presiding over the downgrade of our political system

Ethel C. Fenig – In the heat of the moment, when President Barack Obama (D) still can’t get his way, he petulantly finally revealed his true feelings about democracy in America and its necessary give and take. 

“If we don’t come to an agreement, we could lose our country’s triple-A credit rating, not because we didn’t have the capacity to pay our bills–we do–but because we didn’t have a triple-A political system to match our triple-A credit rating,”So we don’t have a triple-A political system? If our country’s sterling triple-A political system is downgraded, whose fault is it? The founders who wrote our Constitution and devised our political system which has worked very well for 235 years and contributed to our triple-A credit rating or the President who can’t seem to avoid a downgrade of either?Collecting more than they spend

Ethel C. Fenig – Sh-h-h! Don’t tell anyone, especially you-know-who but, as Matt Rosoff of Business Insider explains
Apple Now Has More Cash Than the U.S. Government
Why? The answer is so simple that even a first grader in a government funded school–but not a Harvard Law School graduate and his acolytes–could figure out. 
That’s because Apple collects more money than it spends, while the U.S. government does not.
Also Apple’s leaders know what they’re supposed to do and do it; but as for the present leaders of the U.S. government…
So will those who “collect more money than they spend” ie, individuals, corporations and even some branches of local government be labeled selfish and forced to contribute their excess to the U.S. government so they too share the sacrifice?

Late Attempt at Debt-Limit Deal to Avert Default

The White House and Republican congressional leaders made significant progress toward a deal to avert a potentially catastrophic first-ever government default threatened for early next week, according to officials familiar with the talks.

Under a plan negotiated late Saturday night, the nation’s debt limit would rise in two steps by about $2.4 trillion and spending would be cut by a slightly larger amount, the officials said. The first stage — about $1 trillion — would take place immediately and the second later in the year.

Congress would be required to vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, but none of the debt limit increase would be contingent on its approval. The officials who described the talks did so on condition of anonymity, citing their sensitive nature.

President Barack Obama is seeking legislation to raise the government’s $14.3 trillion debt limit by enough to tide the Treasury over until after the 2012 elections. He has threatened to veto any legislation that would allow a recurrence of the current crisis next year but has agreed to Republican demands that deficits be cut — without tax increases — in exchange for additional U.S. borrowing authority.

Without a compromise in place by Tuesday, administration officials say the Treasury will run out of funds to pay all the nation’s bills. The subsequent default could prove catastrophic for the U.S. economy by causing interest rates to rise and financial markets to sink, sending shockwaves around the world, they say…

Reid Bill Going Nowhere in Senate

Reid Strikes Back
July 30, 2011 – Trying to give Obama what he needs to continue his spending of over a quarter of our GNP. More

Listen Up, Mr. President!

Small business from across the country sound off on what they need from the president and lawmakers to help get the economy growing.

Two Thumbs Down – Greta – One Democratic senator explains why he opposes both Reid, Boehner debt plans

Palin Skewers Obama: ‘It’s the Spending, Stupid … the President Does Not Know What He’s Doing’

Freshman Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) appeared on Martin Bashir’s NBC News show this afternoon and completely schooled the British-accented anchor.

SHOWDOWN: Rubio Torches Kerry on Senate Floor

Pelosi Goes Nuclear in House; Calls Boehner Darth Vader

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi lost her composure during a long rant on the House Floor …

Obama Faces Grumbling on the Left

By Corey Dade, NPRPresident Obama may have lost a direct hand in the debt-limit negotiations, but some of his liberal base is still seething at …


Back to Square One on Debt Solution?

House GOP backs Speaker Boehner’s debt ceiling plan, passing it without Democratic support, but it is quickly put on ice by Senate Dems as Majority Leader Reid tries to advance his own plan.

VIDEO: Boehner Tells Dems, ‘Put Something on the Table’


Senate Votes to Table House Debt Bill Without Even Debating on its Merits

Senate will draft a counter-plan. 

Can a Bipartisan Agreement be Reached on Debt Ceiling? Rep Thaddeus McCotter

 Mack’s ‘Penny Plan’ to Balance the Budget

Angry Boehner to Senate and Administration: ‘Put Something on the Table’ – July 29, 2011 at 7:33pm by Tiffany Gabbay

Speaking on the House floor just moments after House Republicans passed a newly revised debt bill, House Speaker John Boehner scolded the Senate and the Obama administration for criticizing his House bill after allegedly showing their ineptitude in being able to put their own bill on the table.

The Speaker brazenly demanded, “it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across aisle – put something on the table – tell us where you are!”

The Speaker said that he has now presented not one but two different bills to cut spending by trillions of dollars over the next decade with a view toward raising the debt ceiling.

The Speaker admitted that while not perfect, his bill does not contain any tax revenues and “reflects an honest and sincere effort to end this crisis by sending a bill over to the Senate that at one time was agreed to by the bipartisan leadership of the United States Senate.”

Boehner was applauded after noting that he has worked tirelessly from beginning of his session to avoid a situation such as this and that he told Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that Republicans would not raise the debt ceiling without serious changes to the way the government spends taxpayers’ money. Watch the House Speaker tell the Senate and Obama administration to “put something on the table”: 

Speaker Boehner, Please Stop Saying ‘How High?’
Speaker Boehner: please stop trying to draft any further legislation. Just change two words in the Cut Cap and Balance bill and re-send it to the Senate. More

Ho hum. Boehner’s third version of debt ceiling bill passes the House
It’s hard to get worked up over the supposed drama of the close vote in the House. They pass yet another plan but Senate poised to kill it again before it even gets there!

The Boehner Plan is the Best Deal for the Country That Our Divided Government Can Deliver
Howard J. Warner – Conservatives have managed to change the discussion in Washington, thankfully. No longer is there any talk of tax increases. More

Tea Party Crashes Washington DC’s Spending Orgy

By Kevin Jackson – For Obama, the Tea Party fits in Washington like nuns at a swingers’ convention. The fiscal orgy at Club Fed just can’t continue unless the Tea Party gets the hell out. Unfortunately for Obama, we just won’t leave. How could we? We can’t afford to refuel our corporate jets.

So in order to give the Tea Party the “change we need,” Obama is pulling out all the stops. He continues his War on Productivity against the “rich.” Like the preacher said to the congregation, “I have good news and bad news. The good news is we have the money for the new building. The bad news is it’s out there in your pockets.”


The Old Deal
Bruce Walker – The left loves to speak of “New,” but as Obama’s teleprompter-driven debt ceiling addresses to the nation reveal, the left is sterile, tired, and dull. More

The Donkey Pins the Tail on Itself

by Dan Miller – The Dem position on spending simply cannot end well for them. (Update: Boehner bill passes House, And the Next Move Is…?)

The Numbers That Show How Bad the Economy Really Is Business

“the economy expanded only 1.3 percent in the April-June period”

  Kenneth Langone

Another Home Depot Co-Founder Blasts Obama: ‘Unpresidential’ & ‘Willfully Dividing Us’

“…he is behaving in a way designed, in my opinion, to divide us…”


WatchFox Host Varney on Soros: ‘I Do Not Like Billionaire Socialists Who Hate America and Try to Make Money Out of Our Ruin’

After Soros’ currency speculation ruined the Thais lives.

Regulations Rising

Government regulations, a hidden tax on the economy, have only grown under President Obama, report James Gattuso and Diane Katz: During its first 26 months—from taking office to mid-FY 2011— More…
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