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Forgive us for the rant, but an idiot is an idiot, and enough is enough!

First some background:

Tea Party supportersA report showed up on yahoo a coule days ago The Tea Party: 10 Facts You May Not Know regarding polling released from of all sources, the NY Times. This may shock some of you liberal idiots, but listen up anyways. Here’s a few important things:

40 percent of respondents held an “unfavorable” view of the Tea Party. (Wow, that means 60% either are us, like us, agree with us, or at least “don’t hate us” as so many useful idiots would have you otherwise believe!) 

Before the words “Tea Party movement” became mainstream, many tried to portray the Tea Party as a predominantly white, conservative religious block. However, the Tea Party has proven to be far more complex than that.

* Although people from the South and West make up most of the Tea Party, 28 percent are from the Midwest and 27 percent are from the East, as reported in a USA Today poll. (The point here, though the useful idiots apparently won’t make it themselves, is that the Tea Party is strong even in liberal blue states, ie. Calif, NY, Illinois, for example)

* Hispanics, Asian Americans and African Americans make up one-fourth of the Tea Party. (Oh my god, but we’re racists, how can that be? Can there really be that many Uncle Tom’s in America, ask Lloyd Marcus, he’ll explain that’s what the leftists (the real racists) would have you believe, and it’s pure B.S.!)

* As much as 46 percent of Tea Party members polled in August 2010 by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, had not heard, did not consider themself a member of, or did not have an opinion about the conservative Christian movement sometimes known as the religious right.” (Well blow me down, at least 1/2 the movement aren’t just a bunch of zealots after all!)

* According to a CBS News poll, 37 percent of Tea Party members are college graduates compared to 25 percent of Americans overall. (Should be the headline on every liberal rag in America, We’re not dumb after all!)

* Members of the Tea Party have a “higher-than-average” household income with 56 percent making more than $50,000 per year. (and do you entitlement mind(less) libs know what that means? We work hard, and We pay a crap load of taxes, taxes being redistributed to you and/or your entitlement takers!)

* Supporters of the Tea Party tend to be 45 years of age or older. (We are more experienced, wiser, and probably any one of us that is 45 yrs+ would make a better President than the failing dope we have now!)

* Men may make up more of the Tea Party than women. Yes but, the women in the movement are strong, and have equal footing, and more and more are getting involved. The men of the movemement welcome this, appreciate the importance of our founding mothers as well as our founding fathers, and are not a bunch of mysogynists like for example the dispicable lib Bill Maher. He and other idiots like him who deride us in the most offensive dishonest ways, every chance he gets, are examples of living breathing human garbage to put in mildly!  

* Fox News is the political and current events information source for 66 percent of Tea Party supporters. (That may be, but proper wording would be “main source” not the only source, and then consider the other 34%. Point is that we are more well rounded and informed than given credit for, we are not shills for Fox but do appreciate that they do try and live up to their “Fair and Balanced” mantra, after all as one network they are the only counterweight to several others, and when it comes to the others – ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ect., there is no doubt as to their bias and that they are the shills, shills for every leftist cause in America and beyond!)

And now for the idiot files:

The 3 amigos, not quite. The 3 idiots, yeh that’s it: Obama and –

Bernanke, Geithner Leading Us Into Fiscal Armageddon

The U.S. is approaching a fiscal Armageddon and those in Washington — specifically Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke — don’t understand what to do about it, world renowned investor Jim Rogers tells Newsmax.TV. America is likely to default, “This decade absolutely, probably sooner than this decade,” he said, adding, “these guys are really, really out of it, they don’t understand what’s happening and we’re all paying the price and it’s going to get worse.”  FULL STORY
PreviewJim Rogers had particularly strong words for Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner. “Mr. Bernanke has been wrong for 400 weeks in a row now,” he said. “He’s never been right about anything.” And Geithner should never have gotten the job of Treasury Secretary. In his previous position as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Rogers said Geithner was in charge of overseeing those that the government ended up bailing out, adding, “everything he’s ever done has been wrong.” (Getty Images)

Democratic Party downgrade (Idiots vs. Not. Sorry but you’ve certainly asked for it)
American Thinker – The Tea Party gets it. The Democratic Party doesn’t. More

Remember when Bush came under fire for he and his AG’s house cleaning at the DOJ, even after Clinton’s before him was so much more severe, and now too, Obama and Holder is much more severe, yet where’s the outrage from all the useful idiots?

Reviewing the Resumes: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder’s DOJ – by J. Christian Adams – America should be appalled at the overwhelmingly politicized backgrounds of Eric Holder’s hires in the Department of Justice Voting Section. (This is the second in a series of articles about the Civil Rights Division’s hiring practices since President Obama took office. All sixteen new hires to the Voting Section have far-left resumes — which were only released following a PJM lawsuit. Read the first article here.)

Obama: Time for an Apology (and that goes for the human gaffe machine Biden too) (But will they, No cause they’re idiots) by Roger Kimball – The president should admit he was wrong about what needed to be done to fix the U.S. economy.

More at the Tatler:The King of Excuses

DC Puzzler: Who Will Be on Super Committee? (probably more idiots?)

What if the Debt Downgrade Wasn’t Enough? (Well we already know the Keynesians are idiots, but that would make kind of like, super- hyper- idiots, wouldn’t it?)  see also: The Keynesian Fraud

How Stupid is Obama? (uh, iodiotic?)
J.R. Dunn – He easily impresses crowds and onlookers so long as the questions don’t get too detailed. But he can’t turn any of this into action. Everyhing he touches, without exception, falls to pieces. More

Barack Obama: Not Lincoln After All (you silly idiots!)

by Matt Patterson – How silly do those pundits look who compared Obama to Honest Abe after he was elected?

CBO Underestimated ObamaCare’s Cost By As Much As $50 Billion Per Year / Report: Obamacare Hides $50B in Annual Costs (Oh boy, somebody’s an idiot!)

Government Using Waivers As Pacifiers (maybe we should supply all these petulent child-like idiots with a real pacifier. they can all shove them in their mouths and shut up) – First they initiate policies that traumatize their subjects then they pacify them with waivers. More

Timothy Geithner To Stay On In Treasury

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Will Not Step Down

 (You guessed it, cause he’s an idiot!)

John Kerry: ‘This Is the Tea Party Downgrade’ “Without question.” (Yeh, without question – you are one of the bigger idiots out there Mr Kerry!) Please enjoy this, we sure did: Marco Rubio Rails on Debt Crisis Hypocrisy for 14:02 (And John Kerry Doesn’t Like It)

Help! I’m Surrounded by Intolerant Liberals (idiots) at Work: A Guide for the Perplexed and the Outnumbered

by Belladonna Rogers – PJAdvice columnist Belladonna Rogers offers a survival plan.


Insults, Stupid Arguments, and Lies (and of course, idiots!)

by Andrew Klavan – The failure of leftism is a trauma so great it has yet to be accepted. And here are the coping devices.


Big Government’s Big Spending Has Boosted Inflation and Killed 3.5 Million Jobs (QE is for idiots and Bernake has surely become one)
Unintended consequences of quantitative easing. More

The Demons in the Democrats’ Mirror (Demons are idiots, and by God, apparently so too are all the Democrats!)
The dirty little secret that most who hire in the business world will reluctantly share. More

President Obama Again Refuses to Accept any Responsibility, Offers No Deficit Reduction Plan (hmm, could it be because, wait for it; he’s and idiot?)

by Bryan Preston – Present. Barely. Plus: ‘It tanked while he talked.”

Compromise for Dummies: ‘Balanced Compromises’ Are Neither (a must read, Hoven is no idiot, the Obama administration on the other hand…)  by Randall Hoven – The hidden trick in all liberal analyses of the budget is to assume that a stimulus-level of spending is required from here out. More

The Growth Agenda and Its Enemies (Gee, any idiot can figure this out!)

by Iain Murray – What can the government do to promote real job growth? Quite simply, get out of the way!

Poll: Just 17% of Americans Believe the Government Has the Consent of the Governed (Apparently 17% of Americans are idiots! Or maybe they are just not paying attention and are ill informed, right Mr Obama?) 

Times Op-Ed: America Held Hostage by ‘an Extremist Republican Party’ (these are the Times of Idiots!)

by Ron Radosh – Two weekend op-eds exemplify the delusions of the left and the insights of conservatives.

see also: The New York Times Is Officially Bankrupt by Ed Driscoll – Its financial coffers aren’t yet empty, but the culture that pervades its newsroom is utterly exhausted.

Scarborough: ‘Terminally Stupid Ideologues’ Should ‘Stop Using the Tea Party as a Piñata’ – They (the idiot ideologues) cannot even think for themselves.

TrumkaObama‘s Union Buddy Trumka Says Tea Party Is Actually Trying to Destroy America’s Government and That Is Super Hard for the President to Deal With (awww. This coming from 1- a known thug, 2- a known communist collaborater 3- a union that has done more to destroy the American auto industry, among other things, than probably anything else has. You’ve got to be kidding, what an idiot!)

The Boondoggle Express (Obama and Brown, not shovel ready Idiots in California)
The largest construction boondoggle in recorded human history has just doubled in cost, and not a shovel’s worth of earth has been excavated yet. More

George SorosWho Made Nearly a $1 Billion Bet on U.S. Debt Downgrade? (more than just an idiot! George Soros is a underhanded, greedy, bloodsucking leech, a cancer on America, a danger to our economic health, and we even think quite frankly he is evil) – Someone gamed the futures market and will make off with a bundle. It’s what he does.More

Michael Moore advises Obama to arrest S&P CEO (Moore you are one big fat-headed idiot!)
Moore offers a fast and furious response to the credit downgrade. More 

McCain Won't Apologize

Angry Tea Partiers Confront McCain on ‘Hobbit’ Comments at Town Hall (well you know he can be an “idiot”)

You are so out of touch, dude.”

Recall Day in Wisconsin (Because idiots who abandon their duties, run off and hide in hotels, and well – you know the story; They think they should be in charge!) Today is the day when Wisconsin voters decide whether to go backward or forward. Gov. Scott Walker isn’t on the ballot, but the fate of his reforms surely is.  Tabitha Hale: When Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislature were elected, the state of Wisconsin was over $3.8 billion in debt. The people of Wisconsin elected them to fix the problem. They elected them to create jobs. That is exactly what they did. Last month, half of the jobs created in the United States were created in the state of Wisconsin. Half. Think about the magnitude of that. While the U.S. has maintained an unemployment of over 9% since the beginning of President Obama’s term, Wisconsin has, in just 6 months, balanced the budget, created tens of thousands of jobs, and made a rapid turnaround that Washington seems to think is impossible. Recalling the Republican state senators would undo that. It would re-empower the very unions who are driving many states, not just Wisconsin, to the brink of bankruptcy. It would undo the reforms that have helped bring Wisconsin’s economy back.

Bozell on ‘Delusional’ Media (a cabal of useful idiots)
The media, following the debt-ceiling deal, has labeled tea party conservatives as terrorists, hijackers, and delusional. Now media watchdog Brent Bozell fires back, charging the media is “in the tank” for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

will and rattner

Watch George Will Confronts MSNBC Analyst for Comparing Tea Party to Terrorists

“You do know that 95 House Democrats voted against raising the debt ceiling…” (it doesn’t matter if he knows, cause he’s an idiot!)

Rev. Al Sharpton is reportedly very close to landing his own MSNBC show, irking members of the National Association for Black Journalists. (Photo via Flickr)

Do You Want Al Sharpton to Have His Own MSNBC Show? Black Journalists Don’t (uh, that may have something to do with the fact that even they think he’s an idiot!)

He has a history as an activist.”


The whole Gunwalker scandal – What a bunch of idiots!

Gunwalker: Drug Enforcement Agency Admits Involvement by Bob Owens – This marks the first admission of knowledge from an agency besides the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

also see: Gunwalker: It Must Have Been Eric Holder … Or higher. An informed examination of the facts leaves no other answer. AND  Gunwalker: One Step Closer to the Oval Office.

You Must Abort or We’ll Take You to Court (Cultural, Moral – Idiots!) – by Zombie – Even from my pro-choice perspective, San Francisco’s attempt to essentially banish any counseling center which doesn’t encourage or perform abortions is simply beyond belief.

Religious Organizations Object to New Government Birth Control Requirements (there’s a triple idiocy in this one)  – (1) They defied the bishops to support President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. Now Catholic hospitals are dismayed the law may force them to cover birth control free of charge to their employees. A provision in the law expanded preventive health-care benefits for women, and the (2) the Obama Administration said last week that must include birth control with no copays. Forget the wishes of taxpayers and conscience clauses be damned. (3) Related: Planned Parenthood celebrates new rule with Bollywood-style dance.



Militant Environmentalists Call for Executions and ‘Decisive Ecological Warfare’ (Idiots, to say the least!) 

If it were up to me, all the people associated with the Gulf oil spill…would be executed.”


Van Jones

Van Jones and Co. Unveil ‘Contract for the American Dream’ (he meant to say “communist dream”, but that’s Ok we know he’s an idiot. More importantly, he’s also a traitor and wants to destroy America as we know it!)

 Read More »

‘Bulls**t!’: Al Gore Comes ‘Unhinged’ During Climate Change Speech (do we really even need to say it?)

barney frankDid Barney Frank Pass Gas Live on MSNBC? You Decide (quite frankly sir we do not give a damn, but we do that Frank is certainly one of the biggest “idiots” in our Congress!)


Watch: It Continues: S&P Now Downgrades Fannie and Freddie (Another group of government subidized idiots! This is long overdue and their useful idiots Frank, Dodd, and others can’t cover it up anymore.)

2011-08-08t161034z_01_btre77710pg00_rtroptp_3_aigBailed Out Insurance Giant Sues Bailed Out Bank: AIG Seek Litigation Against Bank of America (where this is no question that both these groups are idiots, there is the question of when will someone sue the more than deserving AIG?)  



Rapper Kanye West: ‘People Look at Me Like I’m…Hitler’ (sorry buddy but your just one among many idiots in todays raunchy radical Hollywood wasteland!)

One day the light will shine through and one day people will understand everything I ever did.” Read More »


riot‘Unprecedented’ Rioting Has Stretched U.K. Police to Extent Never Seen Before (it’s so unfortunate, after all these decades, our now ally England – still has alot of Idiots!)

This is the uprising of the working class. We’re redistributing the wealth.”


Yang Libing's son holds a faded snapshot of a girl resembling his sister, Yang Ling, who this year turns seven years old. Chinese family planning officials seized her in 2005 and shipped her to an orphanage because they didn't pay so-called "social support compensation" for violating China's one-child policy. Yang Ling is now seven and lives in America. (Caixin)

Devastated Parents: Chinese Gov’t Running Infant Abduction Racket for Profit and Population Control (the Chinese Maoist’s are idiots! More importantly though they are a threat to the concept of individual liberty, a threat to our security, our economy, are not our friends, and their useful idiots here in our own government are selling out to them on a daily basis!)   They are like organized criminals.” Read More »


The next 3 peices: All Idiots – as a matter of fact let’s just save ourselves from having to say idiot millions more times – every Islamist on the face of the planet is an idiot !!! 

Idiots: Turkish Democracy Crumbles as World Cheers ‘Democratization’ by Okan Altiparmak – Generals, civic leaders, writers, and journalists have been imprisoned since the government’s July 2007 landslide islamist election victory.

Iran Commander: We Have Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (as tempting as it is to call the Iranians the sick twisted insane psychotic Idiots that they are, the bigger idiots right now are the rest of the world sitting idly by!)
We only have ourselves to blame as it is now certain that the Jihadists in Tehran will have nuclear bombs with the delivery system to target any country on the planet. (and by the way, do enough of you know about what an EMP is?) {Oh God help us if he wtill will!} More


Alright we’ve had a lot of fun with that segment, couldn’t help it, but before we go – how about a few things that aren’t idiotic

TWEET OF THE DAY: “If the Tea Party is to blame for the downgrade, the doctor is to blame for your lung cancer.”

DeMint: Placing Blame on Tea Party ‘Pitiful’

santelliRick Santelli Fired Up: ‘If It Wasn’t for the Tea Party We’d Be Rated Triple-B’

vacation liberty

Vacation Liberty School Teaches Kids About America’s Faith, Politics & Founding Values

What happens when vacation Bible school, a U.S. history course and a Tea Party rally collide? Read More »

Bachmann’s Political Touch Turns Doubter Into Fan. (Because she is Not an idiot! Hey Newsweek and the 1000 readers you have left, are you listening?)  Rasmussen: Bachmann Leads Iowa Caucuses

philly mayor

Watch‘You’ve Damaged Your Own Race’: Philly Mayor Blasts Teens, Flash Mobs

“Pull your pants up and buy a belt ’cause no one wants to see your underwear…”

 Read More »  

48Michigan Removes 30,000 College Students From Food Stamp Program

 – Get a part-time job


Allen West Slams Geithner: ‘When You Open That Refrigerator Door the Lights Don’t Come On’

He should move on and we should have someone else.


perry2We welcome you with open arms. Please man, run circles around boy Obama, and get him out of there:
Rick Perry to Announce Presidential Plans This Saturday –

the Texas governor will remove any doubt about his White House intentions. Read More »

Sammy Walker's BBQInspired By Glenn,

Texas BBQ Restaurant Gives Free Daily Lunch to the Needy

“All honor, praise and glory go to Jesus Christ our savior.”

Read More »

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