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Polling an unhappy Nation, Tea Party has only righteous wind; Blame and bla bla; Action steps; It’s spending stupid, and debt too!; Obamacare, Regulatory policies, credit ratings; President is a national train wreck; Oh God can’t it be Nov 2012 tomorrow; Left’s inHumanity, Evil Benevolence, Class warfare; Moral decay and Freedom betrayed, sexing up kids, and they’s even corrupt Sesame Street!

 fiscal profiling cartoonor suicide cartoon


Come and Take itPoll: Just 17% of Americans Believe the Government Has the Consent of the Governed

 It’s not hard to figure out why.
Marist Poll – Americans’ views toward the future of the country have become increasingly negative. According to this McClatchy-Marist Poll, seven in ten U.S. residents — 70% — believe the nation is moving in the wrong direction while only 21% say it is traveling along the right one. One in ten — 10% — is unsure.
Poll: Americans see debt deal as bad for nation
It’s not just the stock markets. The marketplace of public opinion also is turning thumbs down on the debt-ceiling deal, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll. The poll found that Americans think the deal is bad for the country, bad for members of Congress who voted for it and bad for the poor, the middle class and the elderly. Americans think that the only ones whom the deal treated fairly were the wealthy and corporations.
That decidedly negative reaction comes at the same time that the American mood has sunk to its lowest point in more than decade. “They’re negative on the debt deal, negative on the outcome, negative on the process,” said Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion in New York, which conducted the survey. The poll was conducted immediately after the debt deal reached among President Barack Obama, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Democratic-controlled Senate.

By 47-43 percent, voters said they thought the deal was bad for the country. Democrats were the only ones who thought it was good for the country, by 56-34 percent. Independents thought it was bad for the country by 49-40, and Republicans by 63-31.

At the same time, voters said by 79-14 percent that the debt debate left them less confident in Washington.

Dick Armey: Tea Party’s Aims Misunderstood

 Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011 – Explains, and also comments on Gov Perry for President.

FREEDOM WORKS pdfs – Download Strategy Memo / Download Talking Points /
Download Pledges

We are proud to announce Contract from America and FreedomWorks are launching our own Tea Party Debt Commission! During the next several months we will be holding grassroots activist hearings around the country and developing a budget that, at a minimum, cuts $9 trillion and balances the budget. In preparation for those discussions, we are asking for your input. What are your spending cut priorities? What tough choices would you be willing to make? Please click through and help us get started.

Citizens’ Open Letter to Congress on Spending and Debt

The Heritage Foundation wants to add your name to an open letter to Congress, expressing Americans’ deep concerns about the threat of spending and debt. It will arrive as lawmakers debate whether to continue on the current course or instead bring spending under control. The letter will be made available to all 535 members of Congress (435 Representatives and 100 Senators). Please add your name!

Is Obama to Blame For Lack of Economic Recovery? We feel like economic recovery has stalled with housing values still dropping like a stone and unemployment sky high.  But we want to know what you think!   PersonalLiberty.com, America’s #1 news site for independent-minded individuals is conducting an urgent economic poll…  With President Barack Obama in office for two years now… we want to know if you think he is most to blame for the lack of economic recovery.  The results will be available after you vote so you’ll know exactly what people just like you think.
Vote Now!

Democrats Playing Blame Game?

Sen. Paul reacts to Tea Party attacks


 Just Who, Exactly, Is Delusional? »
Isn’t it remarkable how the left is railing on and on about how the Tea Party members of Congress held the debt-ceiling talks hostage by demanding that there be no tax hikes? They have even referred to them as terrorists and suicide bombers, malcontents who ignored the heartfelt pleas of that paragon of unity, Barack Obama, to tone down the rhetoric after the Tucson shootings. More »

 A Poor Standard »
I must admit, as appalling as I find most of what the Democrats pass off as political rhetoric, I do enjoy when they start repeating talking points in perfect unison. Witness, if you will, the aftermath of Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+. Liberals immediately blamed the fiscal fail on the Tea Party in specific and the GOP in general. More »

Media Dwells On Tea Party Terrorism, Continues To Ignore Real Far Left Terrorism In America – By Tom Tillison With rampant charges of terrorism within the tea party continuing to be overplayed by the media over the debt ceiling fiasco and more sure to come with the historic downgrading of the U.S. Credit Rating last night by S&P, it seems to be a good time to remind folks of REAL terrorism from the Far Left that’s being completely ignored by the media. As uncovered by Glenn Beck and reported on ‘The Blaze’, far left radical Stephen Lerner discussed efforts to…

 Dumping on the Tea Party

by Tom Blumer – The “Tea Party Downgrade” slander cannot stand.


Harry Reid shows his hand in super committee picks (Baucus is Ok, but Patty Murray and John Kerry, 2 radical liberals, oh my. Murray who also holds a powerful party position will be the co-chair and no doubt cracking her whip on Baucus rendering his moderate sensibilities mute, while Kerry of course will continue to bomb the innocent women and chiuldren of the Tea Party.)
August 10, 2011 – Super committee will be a political sideshow. More

Gandhi, The Tea Party and the Future of America

GANDHIThey no longer ignore the Tea Party.

Sunny TV: Why the Tea Partiers are Terrorists

sunny Wasn’t the founding kind of like a Jihad and stuff?

Automatic Debt-Ceiling Hike A Perversion Of Constitution

By Betsy McCaughey- August 4, 2011

The U.S. Constitution is the biggest casualty in the debt-ceiling deal cobbled together this week. Generally, presidents ask Congress for a debt-ceiling hike once or twice a year, but President Obama said he wanted to avoid another debt controversy before the 2012 election. He pressed for a hike double or triple the normal duration to carry the administration through 2012.

GOP Readies for Renewed Battle Against ‘ObamaCare’

Conservatives prepare for next phase of health care battle, fueled by concern that analysts understated law’s cost (by $50 billion !)

The Continuing Injustice of Obamacare Waivers
Clay Hegar – It may be hard to keep track of with the round-the-clock news cycle, but the continuing injustice of waivers to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act deserves careful scrutiny by the American citizenry. More

Another Perspective 

S&P’s Regulatory Policies

John Berlau & Matthew Melchiorre| 8.8.11 @ 6:10AM

It should be easier now for advocates of limited government to keep the focus on restoring economic growth.

Don’t Shoot the Downgrade Messenger

by Paul Hsieh

Attacking S&P for the U.S. credit downgrade is like criticizing your doctor for diagnosing your cancer.

Brief – Monday, August 8, 2011

National Review: “The Obama administration and congressional Democrats are betting their political futures on the hope that the American electorate is ignorant and forgetful, and hence the memo has gone out to functionaries hither and yon, from David Axelrod to John Kerry: This is to be called the ‘tea-party downgrade.’ That this is said with straight faces bespeaks either an unshakable contempt for the mind of the American voter or an as-yet unplumbed capacity for Democratic self-delusion.”

President Downgrade
Selwyn Duke – America’s credit rating isn’t the only thing Barack Obama has downgraded. The White House, the Constitution, human life, foreign policy and race relations — and America herself have suffered downgrades. More

Loose Canons

The Obama Downgrade

Jed Babbin| 8.8.11 @ 6:09AM

Meanwhile, Republicans had better prepare to downgrade the Supercommittee.


Senator DeMint Goes After ‘Anti-Business’ White House, Defends Tea Party

“I can’t imagine a more anti-business president than the one we’ve got right now.”

Read More »  (crony capitalism the closest he gets to being business friendly)



Among the Intellectualoids

The Left Has No Humanity

Aaron Goldstein| 8.9.11 @ 6:07AM

Liberals love to promote humanism. Then why aren’t they treating Tea Partiers like humans?

The Evil of Benevolence

by Herbert London – Trillions of dollars have been spent on poverty programs, so why are the poor no better off?

The Bitter Fruit of Insolvency

Congratulations, Class Warriors

 Related: Of reading interest –

by Michael Ledeen

Michael Ledeen takes a fresh look at Tocqueville’s insights into our national psyche and asks whether Americans’ national character, which Tocqueville believed to be wholly admirable, has fallen into moral decay and religious indifference.


by Michael Ledeen

With the skill of a born storyteller, Michael Ledeen weaves together key moments in the fall of communism. His insider’s knowledge of the interplay of complex personalities and Byzantine strategies makes a compelling narrative, one enlivened by his wry wit and flair for the dramatic.

In this call to embrace the worldwide democratic revolution, the author argues that global democracy should be the centerpiece of U.S. strategy.


OPINION: U.S. Feeds the World, While Russia and China Criticize Our Debt

Speaking of Russia, An American Politburo – This must change, preferably today, but of course as of Nov 2012 it is a must!

As for 2012, a few updates:


 GOP Presidential Debate

Bret Baier will host the first Iowa presidential debate.

gov_perry_thumbnail_1-13-11Video: Maybe the Best Political Ad of the Season

 And it wasn’t produced by political pros.


John Fund: Perry Could Topple Romney in GOP Race

Perry May Upend GOP 2012 Race

Reports: Perry to Make Presidential Intentions Known Saturday

Pawlenty Managing Expectations


A Wisconsin lesson for 2012: Unions Spent $35 M  to Defeat Walker, and failed!

Barack ObamaHope-n-change’s 2012 Strategy: Get Personal and ‘Kill’ the GOP Nominee

 Worst, and most cynical, president ever.

Obama: James Buchanan 2.0

obamacarter Comparing Obama to Carter may be unfair to Carter.

George Soros, the Obama Justice Department and the 2012 Presidential Election


What do these three have to do with each other? Lots.

Swinging Redder

Larry Thornberry| 8.9.11 @ 6:08AM – Swing state Florida grows ever redder — bad news for the two top Democrats on next year’s ballot.


On Culture, growing chaos, and upside down backwards or absent values: 
You see what going in Britain, are we next? We certainly have some of the ground work for it being laid!
Why People Are Rioting – a Statement From the British Socialist Workers PartyThe Trotskyites of the British Socialist Workers Party have been stirring up trouble in the UK for decades. Their Marxist counterparts played a big role in recent events in the Middle East and now the S.W.P. wants to do the same in once great Britain.

Unless British authorities start vigorously countering the S.W.P. and other Marxist and anarchist groups, the event events of the last few days will increase in both frequency and severity…


Six Strange Things I Saw at San Francisco’s First SlutWalk

by Zombie – The newest pseudo-feminist fad is a sad spectacle of contradictions and confusion.

 (not to mention a sad collaboration of these seriously misguided folks, gay activists, socialists, and anarchists!)
(AP) – The July 4 fireworks display in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights was anything but a family affair. As many as 1,000 teenagers, mobilized through social networking sites, turned out and soon started fighting and disrupting the event.
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:Flash mob attacks: Rising concern over black teen involvement.“If not an outright trend, organized mobs of mostly black teens who target whites are catching notice of police – and are raising uncomfortable issues in cities like Milwaukee, one of the most racially segregated in the nation.”
Society is degrading to an alarming degree, here’s a part of it. (A few examples, though of course we could bring you 1000’s of them!): 

Hollywood Mogul Katzenberg Rails Against Tea Party’s ‘Extremism’ (OH yea, what about Hollywood extremism you dope!)

And what about this, it MAKES US SICK, it’s outrageous and these idiot parents, producers, directors, stations, and everyone involved ought to be ashamed. Dressing up little kids like hookers and prancing them and pimping them around for money. Hollywood’s latest now low! 

Toddlers & Tiaras: TLC – showcases the competitive world of child pageants, toddlers take the stage wearing makeup, spray tans and fake hair to be judged on beauty, personality and costumes, follows families on their quest for sparkly crowns, big titles and lots of cash.

And then this – and you thought we were pissed off already!

bert.jpgRainbow Connection? Online Push Under Way for Bert and Ernie to Get Married on ‘Sesame Street’

 An online push is under way to pressure the producers of “Sesame Street” into having Bert and Ernie get married.

More than 900 people have signed a petition about the pair of platonic puppets on Change.org as of early Wednesday.

“We are not asking that Sesame Street do anything crude or disrespectful,” the petition reads. “It can be done in a tasteful way. Let us teach tolerance of those that are different.” The sexuality of Bert and Ernie — perhaps the kid show’s most popular characters — has long been debated since the roommates sleep in the same room and constantly bicker.

The petition also asks that “Sesame Street” producers consider adding a transgender character to the show, which premiered in 1969 on Public Broadcasting Service. The online campaign also has a companion Facebook page that has attracted as least 350 supporters as of Wednesday.

In a statement to FoxNews.com, the non-profit Sesame Workshop said the pair are simply “best friends.” “They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves,” the statement read.


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