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2012 Outlook: Supreme Court Is One Vote Short of Tyranny!

August 11, 2011

Supreme Court One Vote Short of Tyranny

By on 8.15.11 @ 12:25PM

On July 7, I first wrote against an Obama administration attempt to interfere in an execution in Texas, and then on July 12 I really railed against it. This was the case of the vicious rapist/murderer trying to get his conviction overturned on the absurd grounds that he should have been afforded the chance to secure representation from the Mexican Embassy. Well, yesterday at The American Thinker, Lester Jackson did a superb job delving further into this case and explaining just how close we are to the disastrous situation in which judges might start imposing laws that don’t even exist.

[D]issenting Justices Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan carried judicial activism to new heights by advocating a stay of execution on the basis of an imaginary law. They thereby revealed themselves to be so desperate to save barbaric murderers that they unashamedly and brazenly sought to apply un-enacted legislation introduced on June 14 by one senator, Patrick Leahy​, with not a single cosponsor and by no representative at all. They had to know that this was not going to pass, because it had never been seriously considered in over seven years — even when those least unlikely to vote for it controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency.

Read Jackson’s whole piece. Good stuff.

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