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Today’s pull no punches headlines: Once in awhile, we have the right, and darn sure good cause, to get a bit snarky (heck the left does, and much worse, every day)!

July 10, 2012

Why in sam hill is this islamic monster still being referred to as an “alleged” killer, instead of an executed killer? Get on with swift justice for crying out loud, he is not only a mass murder but is a traitor of the highest order. Give him the death penalty, the only fitting penalty, and lest not forget we don’t care about any claims to martyrdom, with what what he did, his religion is of no consequence with respect to what needs to be done!

Probe of Fort Hood Massacre to Call for Broad Changes at FBI

EXCLUSIVE: Lead investigator tells lawmaker the final report on the 2009 shooting, in which Maj. Nidal Hasan allegedly killed 13, will be delivered to FBI Director Mueller by next week and will include 18 formal recommendations for change at the bureau.

*VIDEO* Rep. West: While Terrorists Infiltrate Defense, Financial & Cultural Institutions, Government Plays PC Games


On a related note, what the hell do you expect when you have an administration that is perpetuating a culture of treason:

Pentagon alarmed at ‘insider’ attacks


Speaking of people that need slapped in the chair, here’s one of them. Heartwrenching, infuriating!

Missing toddler found dead in dumpster


This next one’s a doosy, who cares, despite what the 2nd worst president in history, dimmy, er i mean jimmy carter says, Mr PLO was a terrorist. The worlds better off without him regardless of how!

Was Yasser Arafat poisoned?

Bizzaro world?

Obama’s newest critic: Jimmy Carter


and here’s another instance, among other things, just last year in his book Clinton called obama an amateur. Darn straight he is!

Once shunned Clinton emerges as GOP’s election year  ally

Scandals Hit Scientology BigsNow on the subject of idiots, yeh hollywood idiots/scientology idiots, whatever. You guys are loons and a church? That ain’t no church, a cult maybe, but not in a million years will we ever acknowledge you as any kind of legitimate church!

Scandals Hit Scientology Bigs

Are A-list Scientologist scandals hurting the church in Hollywood?

Michelle Malkin Presents ‘Celebrities Who Hate America,’ July 4th  Edition

Obama turns to NYC celebrities (& CA celebs) (& many of whom are homosexual activists) and again, and again, for campaign cash

We had to include this just so we could give a big Awwwwwwwwwwww:

'Obama Girl' loses crush on president ‘Obama Girl’ loses crush on president


Well we’re on the subjet of fools so next up, none other than the fool-in-chief. American story my a**, this is more like a bad foreign film, pure fiction, but worse yet it’s all lies, a fraud, yes you heard that, this ain’t about a few inconsistencies, it’s about a pure fraud, and leaders that fit that bill by the way, ought to be impeached!

Obama’s ‘American story’ faces fresh scrutiny

‘Dreams From My Father’ inconsistencies?


And he keeps talking, has another mandate for us; Really? But don’t turn off MSNBC, the most corrupt leftwing yellow-journalism operation in the history of America!

Obama: Turn Off Fox News


Hmm, what’s new? Obama Celebrated July 4th by Subverting Its Meaning

Let’s be clear, he has subverted congress again, and in a big way. As such, again, impeachment is in order!

Dream Act: Obama passes amnesty by a back door ICE directive

And his biggest fools errand to date on foreign policy: Sure glad Obama supported these guys who openly hate and threaten us, England, Israel, and other allies, oh yea, and  who support terrorism! The Egyptians now have worse, more dangerous, more hostile leadership, than they did before, though not the most desirable of allies we’ve lost at least a leader we were at peace with and were not threatened by, and Obama lent to this. The very same may be the result in Libya in addition to Obama’s constitutionally challenged handling of military intervention in that case. As all this goes on, no less Obama fails to act against the real bad guys – the Syrians, and is failing to effectively deal with the worst regime of all, the most dangerous, the Iranians! 

Egypt's new leader vows to free terrorists in U.S. Egypt’s new leader vows to free terrorists in U.S.

The Muslim B’Hood takeover in Egypt shows Arab Spring is radical Islamic nightmare.

Egypt’s First ‘Sex-Slave’ Marriage

What is being dubbed as Egypt’s “first sex-slave marriage” took place mere days after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi was made president.

Awn telling his concubine-bride what to say during their “nuptial vows,” which included her “enslavement” to the self-proclaimed Sharia expert.

Last Monday, on the Egyptian TV show Al Haqiqa (“the Truth”), journalist Wael al-Ibrashi began the program by airing a video-clip of a man, Abd al-Rauf Awn, “marrying” his “slave.” Before making the woman, who had a non-Egyptian accent, repeat the Koran’s Surat al-Ikhlas after him, instead of saying the customary “I marry myself to you,” the woman said “I enslave myself to you,” and kissed him in front of an applauding audience…


“We must stop creeping radical islam, that’s already crept too far”

Shariah czar? Oh you didn’t know we had one of those. Well lets just say if this administration doesn’t scare the heck out of you, you are not paying attention!

Obama’s shariah czar Mohamed Magid hands diversity award to Jew-hater Dawud Walid


And speaking of injustice: the worst AG in the history of America, also of course, courtesy of Obama. Corrupt and inept. Look buddy, if you don’t resign soon or get impeached, as far as we’re concerned you can go to jail. After all you and other obama minions are responsible for far worse infractions than lets say for example, Scooter Libby!

DOJ has contempt for Holder’s contempt charges

And lets not forget Voter ID, more scandal with regards to the DOJ’s wrongful, biased, and irrational activity:

Justice used research by Dem ‘agent’ to build case against Texas voter law, rep  claims: the Justice Department is using data compiled by a company whose client list has  included President Obama’s own election campaign. They claim Hispanics disproportionately lack either a driver’s license or a personal  identification card issued by (the state). You dopes, geez could that be because so many of them are freakin illegals and as such they shouldn’t have those things to begin with!


The audacity: Another one of Obama’s communist appointments (and she really is, so is her father) mouths off. Hey Jarrett clan radical; who cares about the rhetoric, you’re actually doing it, you, obama, are actually carrying out the class warfare agenda!

Valerie Jarrett: Fox News Responsible For Class Warfare  Rhetoric

 And now for “the” dumbest woman leader in America: Oh no dont think for a minute thats a jab against woman, some of whom are smarter than the men, no this is just a statement of fact. We might add too, in the words of CNN’s Jack Cafferty, she is a dispicable woman. Hey heres a new flash for ya San Fran Nan, on obamacare you people deceived the entire country, lied, and sold us a bill of goods, and your utter hypocrisy has now been exposed!

 Pelosi insists Obamacare mandate is ‘penalty,’ not a tax

Palin: ‘Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat’

The pot calling the kettle black:

Bill Burton Refers to Romney as a “Clown” (it’s guys like Burton and Pat Gaspard who are the real clowns. Did you see what he tweeted when the SCOTUS obamacare decision came down, basically ha ha “bitches”. Real classy huh?)

Say it ain’t so Joe:

Grapevine: Salaries up at the White House


And more bad policy, one bad joke after another:

Nice  Try: Obama Released Restrictive New Energy Plan Under Cover of SCOTUS, Holder  Contempt – File this one under While You Were Out: the Obama Administration unveiled its  new five-year energy plan on Thursday, when the rest of us were conveniently  preoccupied with SCOTUS and the Holder contempt vote. Real smooth.

We included the beginning of the article on this one, enough said, you go Wayne tell it like it is! 


The economic ignorance gap between  liberals and conservatives

By  Published July 05, 2012 – Good old John Edwards was actually right about one thing. He said there were  two Americas. Under Obama, the John Edwards’ thesis has come true. The first America is represented by those who work in the government sector  (folks who almost always support Obama and vote for Democrats), and who think  the private sector is doing just fine…


Dangerous, naive, and just plain dumb:

Defense  Industry, Manufacturers Could Lose more than ONE MILLION JOBS, Pushing  Unemployment to 10 Percent


Um, for one thing, Obama’s still President:

Peter Morici: Why the US jobs outlook remains dismal


Our federal leftists hard at work, expanding entitlements, expanding dependency!

Taxpayer-backed free lunch program feeds kids in need — and those who aren’t (and therein lies the rub, there are as many who don’t need it as there are that do, and the feds not only know it and look the other way, they are actually fostering it)

Is the U.S. becoming an anti-risk welfare  state?


More like genuinely pissed off and rightfully so. West is great, don’t stop fighting!

Rep. West fired up over government overregulation


Take that job (zone) and shove it:

Hero lifeguard who was fired after saving man outside his ‘zone’ offered back  his job (says no thanks)


Really, and just how much did you idiots waste on this study?

This Just In: Mermaids Are NOT Real, U.S. Agency Says


Frank-Dodd should not be the name of yet another terrible  bill, it ought to be the name of two former officials now in jail!

Report: Countrywide Used Discounts to Influence Congress

Obama  Aide Double Dips – Top Obama aide Tom Donilon receives taxpayer salary plus six-figure pension  from bailout recipient Fannie Mae, records show

And here’s something that really really ticks us off: You all have a duty under the constitution regardless of at what level you serve. You do this and the federal authorities should swoop down immediately and arrest every single one of you. (By the way, immigrating legally is fine, but invading our country is a crime whether your already a felon or not, dumbasses!) 

California bill could create sanctuary state for non-felon illegal immigrants

So there’s doing the wrong thing (above) and doing the right thing (below):

Posted July 2, 2012 by

Indiana is sick and tired of illegal aliens, and sicker still of the Federal failure to do something about them. Last year they passed their own version of Arizona’s immigration law – which included mandatory E-Verify for all businesses, with penalties, verification of immigration status when passing out state welfare benefits, and a ban on […]

And this is a huge scandal, it goes right to the top and the Dems and the media barely admit or talk about it. What’s bad enough already, a socialist wealth redistribution scheme in our tax code, giving people (other peoples) money that they didn’t even pay in, didnt earn. Now millions of these dollars knowingly going to illegals is worse yet. They are stealing the American taxpayers money and are being aided and abetted by traitors who are US officials! What does American citizenship and sovreignty mean if it means nothing?

IRS Being Audited: Possible Fraud With Immigrant Refunds


Ok, so basically this guy’s a moron, and a real jerk, to say the least! 

Colorado man, a member of the Church of Satan, calls theft of ‘Vote  Satan’ sign from home a hate crime


Ok and you thought you heard it all? Well here’s one straight from bizarro world: Look here, any true blue red blooded american would tell both these organizations right where to go, nobody in their right mind would name a street after them. The anti-american communist liberation union, er is it the anti christian liberties union, and the racist KKK, wow. More than that the KKK, black panthers, la raza groups, all these racist bastards are domestic terrorists, subversives, and as such certainly un-american (not mention the fact that they have foreignors within their ranks, in some cases illegals, and have foreign allegiences). If it were up to us we’de airlift em all out of here and dump them together on some tiny uninhabited remote island!

Grapevine: ACLU teaming up with the Ku Klux Klan? Were KKK’s rights violated?


And on the subject of racial tensions: If Obama had a bunch of sons, would they look like this?

Black  mobs now beating Jews in New York (and elsewhere) “In the most disturbing incident, a mob of six black teenagers shouting, ‘Dirty Jew!’ and ‘Dirty kike!’ repeatedly bashed Marc Heinberg, 61, as he walked  home from temple in Sheepshead Bay (in June.)”

Oh god and on bad parenting, gotta read this one, deplorable, dumb:

Mom Sets Up Horrifying Boxing Match Between Toddlers (VIDEO)

And what else is today’s culture of corruption getting us, well here’s just a little taste:

‘Fed up’ mom allegedly throws 2 sons off 15th floor  balcony

 Kris Humphries told ex that Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was  staged by her own mother, report says (and let’s not forget the jenner girls who are like 14 being pimped out now)

Kate Upton reportedly booted from Santa Monica pier for  showing too much skin, shes like 19. Just like dopey Miley Cyrus, who’s even worse, but just the same, they are terrible role models for all these younger girls that follow them.

On the subject of children, we are way too friendly with these commie bastards (but then look at some the czars in the Obama Administration, scary parallels!):

One Child Policy, One Boy Result: The Unexpected Consequences of  Chinese Population Control (Free Film) examines the consequences of Communist China’s two-decade-old, ”one child policy” forced population control. Girls are often hidden, abandoned, or aborted. Killing of the unborn, or in China’s case the well documented killing of already born female babies.

Speaking of communists, this is a must read: From Oswald, to a supermole high up in the CIA or Pentagon, 2 turncoat Congressman, to Russia, Cuba and Castro, the Sandinistas, Venezualens, and the AFL-CIO, it ‘s a gripping tale!

The  Communists Killed Kennedy

by CLIFF  KINCAID – Victor Perlo rebutted the idea that Oswald was a Communist. Turns out Perlo  was a Communist Party USA member and Soviet agent. His daughter-in-law was CPUSA  Official Joelle Fishman, currently a prominent backer of President  Obama.

Washington Post Promotes “Bubbly” PSL Communist

Communist Defector Speaks Out on America’s Marxist Future – A top communist defector is warning of an unprecedented “alliance” between  the Democratic Party and the Communist Party


And finally, on one of our oh so favorite subjects (Not), which is by the way related to the above mentioned; in the first peice, one of the most corrupt public sector unions finally gets busted, the second piece demonstrates alot of BS on the part of the unions who spend freely yet have been the main complainer about the Citizens United decision (that evened the playing field much to their dismay), and in the third piece we’re bringing you the whole darn article, it’s a real eye opener:

Another Crushing Blow to Unions

The Supreme Court made a  decision on a case that will have a profound effect on Big Labor. In a 7-2 decision, the court ruled against the SEIU and their forced dues scheme.


“The Democrats “House Majority PAC” (a pipe dream name as the American people would be nuts to let that happen) and SEIU announced Monday afternoon that they have collectively reserved nearly $20 million of television ad time in 38 markets – including $205,000 in Buffalo, site of what’s likely to be one of New York’s most competitive House races this fall. The Buffalo buy is at the lower end of the spectrum. Western New York isn’t exactly the highest priced market when it comes to ad time. A lot of outside money – both Democrat and Republican – is expected to be spent on the NY-27 match-up now that the race is set to be a slugfest between last week’s GOP primary winner, former Erie County Executive Chris Collins, and last year’s special election winner, Democratic (we don’t look at the constitution) Rep. Kathy Hochul.


Big Labor’s Big Boo-Boo; SCOTUS Derails the Democrats’ SEIU Gravy Train; Unions Cashing in on Union Dues Tax Free?; OUTRAGEOUS: Big Labor, Big Spending: Part 1 and 2; and Next up -now problems in Michigan

Big Labor’s Big Boo-Boo; SCOTUS Derails the Democrats’ SEIU Gravy Train; Unions Cashing in on Union Dues Tax Free?; OUTRAGEOUS: Big Labor, Big Spending: Part 1 and 2; and Next up -now problems in Michigan

June  6, 2012 Big Labor’s Big Boo-Boo By C.  Edmund Wright Wow.   Where to start? The  “it’s gonna be a late night in Madison” notion was virtually over by the end of  Happy Hour — which no doubt did cause some very late nights instead in  Washington and Chicago.  With little or no happiness at … Continue reading »

  • And all the while the Unions continue to lament the Citizens United decision because, well quite frankly, it evened the playing field, to the disfavor of the unions who themselves regularly abuse it!

Ok, just a couple more things:

MLK’s Dream Realized

Reagan Foretold: The Day Freedom Died in America

This is an article that you’re going to want to spread far and wide! Copy the browser address, paste it in an email and send it out to everyone you know. Post it at Facebook and in ev […] Read more


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