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Today’s Spotlight: True Capitalism

August 24, 2012

‘Know the enemy – The “haves” are the government employees; politicians.  Who are the “have-nots”?  We, the people of these United States…’

Rebuilding the Economy One Person at a Time™ by limiting government interference in our economic freedom.

We believe this Economic War has never truly ended, and unfortunately, today the country is at the crisis point of losing this war; Losing this war would take generations, if ever, to win back.

Are You a True Capitalist? (You’ve been cheated)

Are You a True Capitalist?

… It’s instinctive!

Let’s start with our definition of Economic Freedom:   The ability to engage in Capitalism on a level playing field with minimum government intervention. 

The second foundational word is Capitalism, which you see is included in our definition of Economic Freedom.

Real Capitalism is an economic system in which all trading partners believe they receive equal or greater value in exchange for what they have traded.

Why is it important?   People start trading as children.  Trading toys, baseball cards, and time on a favorite activity are as natural to children as being self-centered, learning new words, and whining when they don’t get what they want.

You engage in Capitalism when you …

*Buy a latte *Purchase a Netflix *Buy weekly groceries *Purchase gas to fill up the tank

You see – we engage in capitalism every day.  It is instinctive in hundreds of choices we make both with our money and our talents.  When the government steps in and decides who will win and who will lose, or when government persuades us that “hand outs” are “critical to making it fair for all people,” we’ve all been cheated.  The price of un-fair trade is high and everyone ends up paying for it, through taxes, inflation, and the quality of life. It strips our ability to prosper.

Over the past 50 years, the growing confusion and manipulation of capitalism has left our nation on the brink of bankruptcy.  Our country was founded because of the very same economic war waged by the government of Great Britain against citizens of the 13 colonies.

This war has never ended.  ACEF understands people innately want to thrive and be fairly rewarded for their efforts.  For this to happen our culture must return to TRUE CapitalismOnly thencanwe begin rebuilding the economy and real equal opportunity.

  The Golden Rules Of Economics in Capitalism

It is our mission that everyday people will bring a true and clear message for all so that we can turn the tide of the 2012 elections through the House, Senate, and the Presidency.

Losing this war would take generations, if ever, to win back.  By acting NOW, ‘we the people’ can win back America and our economic freedom.

Featured Articles

The 5 Key Solutions

Energy Autonomy

Of all the issues outside of uncontrolled government spending, foreign energy dependence is the single largest factor destroying our economy. Changing the United States’ approach to discovering and determining energy resources is key for the future. Conservative candidates, both at the Federal and State levels, MUST make energy autonomy one of the cornerstones of their campaign policies. Read More Here

Healthcare Reform

Healthcare is one of the most personal aspects of our lives. Government involvement in healthcare provides an opening for the government into this very intimate area of each individual’s life. To keep our freedoms in healthcare choices, the key solution is keeping the government out.    Read More Here

Budgetary Reform

The U.S. is currently running a $1.3 trillion budget deficit that looks to only get bigger in the coming years. Fueling our massive debt are automatic budget increases that are outpacing GDP growth by wide margins. When you combine automatic budget increases with Government employees who are not driven by efficiency or profitability but rather by security and pensions, you have a set-up for out-of-control budgets and debt. Budget reform of our government programs and employees is necessary to keep the country afloat.    Read More Here

Shrinking The Bureaucracy

The rapid growth of government has crippled our nation and economy with mounting inefficiencies, out-of-control spending, the elected serving their own interests, complex regulation, and lost freedom from invasive legislation such as Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. Government reform is needed to reestablish a system of checks and balances to keep America on the right track for a prosperous future.  Read More Here

The Post 9/11 World

America’s national defense exists to protect us against all enemies, here and abroad. Today’s enemies extend far beyond Iran and religious extremists and terrorists, to cyber criminals, Mexican Drug Cartels, foreign nations that are at economic war with us, and radicals living within our own borders. One of the key solutions for maintaining the current military status is ensuring there is budget reform in Washington so the threat of real military spending cuts is diminished.   Read More Here

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Use of the Money

ACEF is focused on helping like minded and concerned conservatives learn how to help the “left leaning” undecided’s understand the truth about the magnitude of the crisis America is facing.  ACEF will deliver training and tactics to guide them to the polls AND to engage participation in keeping our elected officials accountable.  Through many efforts, we are working cooperatively with other conservative organizations.  These include;

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– The Leadership Institute

– FreedomWorks

– National Women’s and Hispanic organizations

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*  Talk Radio and National Television appearances by Peter
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