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Obama administration “IRS-gate”: News roundup and some very important highlights.

May 19, 2013

Stand up and cheer these House Republicans

Posted by   Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, NY  Friday, May 17, 2013

I actually was proud of the job the House Republicans did given the time constraints.  They had some fight in them.  Hopefully they will keep it up for 3 1/2 more years.  Every. Single. Day.

I posted some videos at the earlier (IRS hearings) Live post, here’s some more…

Mike Kelly (PA-03)

Tom Reed (NY-23)(my Congressman in Ithaca!!!)


Records  show two IRS offices independently targeted conservative training materials at  the same time … ‘IT’S SCARY. … A PRETTY BIG INVASION  OF PRIVACY,’ says Hawaiian activist probed by agency …

US | Patrick Howley

IRS  sued for improperly seizing the medical records of 10 million  Americans

US | Caroline May
Health Records
‘This is an action involving the corruption and  abuse of power by several Internal Revenue Service agents’
Politics | Caroline May
Ninety-four percent of contributions from tax  collector union went to Dems in 2012
profileDavidWebbShow AMERICAN FEDERATION OF GOVT EMPLOYEES POLITICAL DONATIONS Summary by Party fb.me/MyKlkrAG21 hours ago ·           

2012 PAC Contribution Data (records levels of partisan political spending) – Visit, click on “party split by cycle”

Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (list recipients)                                                    (97% to Democrats, 2% to Republicans)

StLNetworkGuru American Federation of Govt Employees Is Union Dems PAC to generously donate to Democratic Party #TeaParty #tcot

Flashback: Schumer, Franken urged IRS to target tea party in  2012

By Andrew Zajac – May 12, 2013 12:04 PM ET Top U.S. Internal Revenue Service officials knew as early as June 2011 that agents were singling out groups promoting limited government for special attention, nine months […]

Relatives of top CBS, ABC and CNN executives helping Obama on Benghazi!Relatives of top CBS, ABC and CNN executives helping Obama on Benghazi!

Also as you know, like the IRS scandal, a pre 2012 re-election issue that was suppressed and covered up…

Romney 2012.JPEGLawmaker:  Holder must probe leak of Romney tax returns

Politics | Alex Pappas – Idaho Republican Labrador wants to know how progressive groups and journos got tipped off during 2012 campaign
Politics | Alex Pappas
Harry Reid Mitt Romney Tax Returns
GOP: ‘We all wondered how Harry Reid had Mitt  Romney’s taxes’
Steve Miller
Politics | Alexis Levinson – Obama admin officials aware of investigation ahead of election

Lois Lerner, the senior IRS official at the center of the decision to target  tea party groups for burdensome tax scrutiny, signed paperwork granting  tax-exempt status to the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a shady charity headed by  the president’s half-brother that operated illegally for years.

According to the organization’s filings, Lerner approved the foundation’s tax  status within a month of filing, an unprecedented timeline that stands in stark  contrast to conservative organizations that have been waiting for more than  three years, in some cases, for approval.

Lerner also appears to have broken with the norms of tax-exemption approval  by granting retroactive tax-exempt status to Malik Obama’s organization.

IRS  head on targeting tea party: Claims ‘It is absolutely not illegal’

W. James Antle  III, Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation
On that much, and only that much, David Axelrod is right!
On that much, and usually only that much, Scarborough is right!
Larry  Kudlow, Host, “The Kudlow Report”
It’s the only way to clean up the IRS rat’s  nest.
Steve  Stanek, Research Fellow, The Heartland Institute
This administration is definitely not the ‘most transparent  administration in history.’

They can’t help but to pile up cause Obama is worse, by far!

How Podesta helped lay the groundwork for the scandals  currently enveloping the White House.
Theo  Caldwell, Investor and Broadcaster
For decades, Americans have put up with the agency’s abuses.  Why don’t we scrap it altogether?
Shane  Krauser, Director, American Academy for Constitutional  Education
IRS officials took their time getting back to us and  requested very detailed information.
John  Samples, Director, The Cato Institute’s Center for  Representative Government
Campaign finance reformers have been calling on the IRS to  crack down on 501(c)(4) groups for years.
Lanny  Davis, Former Special Counsel to President Clinton
White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler reportedly knew about  the IRS scandal before news broke, but kept it from the president.

Photo of Grover NorquistObama’s  Chicago-style IRS

Grover  Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform
Under President Obama, the Internal Revenue Service has been  transformed into a political weapon.
Politics | Caroline May
Tea party supporters cheer at the Tea Party Unity Rally ahead of the Republican National Convention, in Tampa, Florida. Robyn Beck/Getty Images.
‘It is even more frightening than we said’
Politics | Alex Pappas
Black Conservatives Holds Press Conf. To Defend Tea Party Movement
Chief strategist for TheTeaParty.net says  establishment reporters tainted by ‘casual, cordial’ relationship with President  Obama
DC Exclusives  | Mickey Kaus
Barack Obama
An idea so crazy it just might work
Politics | Caroline May
Obama in a tuxedo. AP Images.
Amid scandals, White House announces star-studded  East Room concert
Nero and his hollywood troops fiddle some more while Rome burns!
Politics | Jeff Poor
Columnist calls out president for his warning to  ‘Republicans not to make this into a political event’
US | Caroline May
Conservative law firm says its clients were  targeted
Daily Caller News  Foundation | Robby Soave
Elephants Brought Out To Remind Us Of Tax Deadline
‘I was so scared’
A Filmmaker on Obama’s Enemies List?

filmmaker051413May 14, 2013 – By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The revelations about the IRS targeting voices opposed to Barack Obama’s political agenda came of no surprise to filmmaker Joel Gilbert. His private financial accounts were hacked into and the information used by a George Soros-linked journalist, Seth Rosenfeld, before the presidential election. Gilbert wants to know who provided […]
The IRS Targeted Conservative Media

May 17, 2013 – By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media

irstargetedOf the IRS abuse cases that have recently come to light, the use of the IRS to enforce the defunct “Fairness Doctrine” on broadcasters is one of the most disturbing.

“I am alarmed by reports that suggest a federal official at the IRS instituting a de facto Fairness Doctrine,” National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) President & CEO Dr. Frank Wright said in a press release. Wright was referring to long-time Christian radio host Dr. James Dobson revealing that his organization had to submit sample radio programs to the IRS, and that an IRS agent indicated that his criticism of President Obama would prevent his ministry from getting a certain form of non-profit status.

A press release about the controversy was issued under the headline, “IRS Subjects Dr. James Dobson and Family Talk Action to Viewpoint Discrimination.”

In other words, Dobson’s views were singled out by the IRS because they were conservative, Christian, and critical of President Obama.


Resigned IRS chief formerly ran non-profit section

May 17, 2013 – By: James Simpson Examiner.com

irs051713As Congressional Democrats scurry for cover in the wake of the growing scandal surrounding IRS harassment of tea party and conservative groups, President Obama announced on Wednesday that acting IRS chief, Steven T. Miller would resign. As with Benghazi and seemingly everything else these days, Obama claims to have known nothing about it. Too much time at the golf course no doubt.

But the dam is bursting on this story. Every day the number of affected groups grows as more and more is uncovered. Today it was revealed for example that the decades-old Leadership Institute was audited in 2011. To defend itself, the institute had to shell out over $50,000 in legal fees. Run by stalwart Reagan friend Morton Blackwell, the LI has an impeccable reputation. Of course the IRS found nothing.

During the recall of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker in 2012, a group called “Verify the Recall” hastily formed to check the 1 million recall petitions turned in at the last minute by union organizers. Working with True the Vote, this organization evaluated every one of those petitions in little more than a month. Other groups, including this writer, publicized their herculean efforts.

The IRS apparently didn’t like this. The North East Tarrant Texas Tea Party (NETTTP) never told the IRS they were working on the recall, yet IRS questioned them about their relationship with VTR. True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrect said, “There is no explaining this away. It is a reprehensible abuse of power by the IRS to ask one organization for information about the activities of a separate organization while holding their non-profit status hostage.”

Similarly, in 2010, the IRS demanded that an Ohio group, the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law explain in detail its “involvement with the Tea Party.” The Center provides legal counsel to Ohioans whose constitutional rights have been aggrieved, including tea party organizations and individuals. While it ultimately received its tax-exempt status, the Center said that, “IRS harassment of liberty-oriented groups, and intent to root out “tea party” activities, even through non-tea party sources such as 1851, has been in full force for a minimum of three years.”

The list of offended parties grows daily, and while Congressional Democrats are puffing and strutting about this “outrage,” many of these same politicians demanded the IRS investigate tea party and other conservative groups. That paragon of virtue, Senator Carl Levin, repeatedly demanded that the IRS look into the tax-exempt status of conservative groups in the run up to the 2012 election. Meanwhile, Senator Max Baucus, called the scandal, “an outrageous abuse of power and a breach of the public’s trust.” But back in 2010, when his Finance Committee asked the IRS to examine conservative groups, he dismissed Republican objections as “groundless.”

IRS bureaucrats are being blamed for this scandal, but the fact is that bureaucrats do not engage in this kind of potentially criminal behavior unless forced to do so by political leaders. There is simply too much to lose and nothing to gain, regardless their political leanings.

When however, a bureaucrat is elevated to a political position, as was Steven Miller, things change. Then, he may feel more latitude to take liberties. Even then however, there must be some kind of signal. It may not have come from Obama directly, but there is little doubt that Democratic leaders were all on the same page.

Miller was a career IRS bureaucrat. Significantly, he was formerly commissioner of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division, which oversees licensing of tax-exempt organizations. Miller was the right man for the job. While not denying tax-exempt status outright, his division made it so difficult that many organizations quit. Those that stuck with it however, finally got their approvals, but for most, they came after the 2012 elections.

So this was the game all along. In 2010, Democrats got what former Florida Rep. Allen West called a “southern-fried butt whipping!” This was largely the result of effective Tea Party activism. Obama and the Democrats wanted to be sure there wasn’t a repeat performance in 2012. Through the corrupt and criminal use of the IRS, they got their way. These groups are now having no problem getting approvals. For once House Speaker John Boehner got it right: these people need jail!

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Rand Paul on the Senate floor. AP Photo.
‘These questions would have been considered out  of bounds a week ago’
Opinion | Jamie Weinstein
Internal Revenue Service
The IRS held up conservative groups’ applications  — and may have done much more
Politics | Josh Peterson
South Korea Obama.JPEG
Feds sought permission to spy on ‘6,233 different  United States persons’
Politics | Alexis Levinson
Internal Revenue Service
Official describes how IRS planned to reveal news  of scandal
Politics | Jeff Poor
‘Everything is about politics. Everything is  about destroying your opponent’
Daily Caller News  Foundation | Michael Bastasch
David Vitter
GOP senator decries agency’s practices

Caption of the Day

May 17, 2013 Posted by Aurelius

Sums up the President’s excuse for Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, and bugging the AP:

Obama Watch: The IRS, The AP, Benghazi, and more. Scandals, more scandals, government run amok, and a President – worse than Nixon – who needs to go home (or maybe jail along with a few of his cronies)!

Obama Watch: The IRS, The AP, Benghazi, and more. Scandals, more scandals, government run amok, and a President – worse than Nixon – who needs to go home (or maybe jail along with a few of his cronies)!

What’s Right News – How Many Scandals Will It Take To Oust Obama? It’s like organized crime is running our federal government and the man at the helm is embroiled in several major scandals, and not just the ones in focus like Fast & Furious, the IRS, the AP, and Benghazi, no there are even more like those involving Obamacare, … Continue reading »