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Emulating America, Russian Communists Making GainsEmulating America, Russian Communists Making Gains

August 7, 2011 – Russia has parliamentary (Duma) elections this year and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation looks like they will be making a strong showing.
A bit farcical really, the open communists led by Gennady Zyuganov, versus …

Putin for Czar! No, Make it God!


by Michael Ledeen
7:27 pm 08/13/11

There was already a cult in Nizhny Novgorod that had proclaimed President Putin the incarnation of Saint Paul. Now, at a “United Russia” Party Congress in St Petersburg, the faithful are collecting money for a temple for him. (the link is in Italian, the only place I’ve seen this so far, but you can trust […]


VladPutinFrying Pan

WatchWhy is Vladimir Putin Arm Wrestling and Trying to Bend a Frying Pan?

He then calls U.S. a “parasite” on the global economy.

Russia, Obama, and America the ‘Parasite’

Reset! Putin Calls the U.S. a Parasite on the World Economy


RT1Gore Calls for an American Spring

August 4, 2011 – NoisyRoom

Al Gore: “We Need To Have An American Spring”
The calls for open revolution by the Progressive/Marxists are getting stronger and stronger. Mixed in it, Gore claims he wants non-violent revolution. He’s lying. Listen to how …


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