1,000,000 Illegal Immigrants Per Year Constitutes an “Invasion” of America

31 Aug 2010

1,000,000 Illegal Immigrants Per Year Constitutes an “Invasion” of America

It is hard to find a direct statement of how many illegal immigrants cross the border each year.  By interpolating Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data for the year ending January 2008, I have calculated the following order of magnitude values of total illegal entries and most importantly, the number of illegal entries that are never detected.

(Sources:  Hoefer, Michael, Nancy Rytina and Bryan C. Baker.  Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States:  January 2008.  Department of Homeland Security.  Office of Immigration Statistics.  Washington, D.C.:  February 2009.  Web.  24 August 2010.  See also Department of Homeland Security.  Office of Immigration Statistics.  Immigration Enforcement Actions:  2008.  Washington, D.C.:  July 2009.  Web.  24 August 2010.)

In other words, 970,000 illegal immigrants crossing into the United States in a year constitutes an invasion.  As a result of this invasion, we are forced to employ vast resources to attempt to stop it.

The Department of Homeland Security made over 791,568 Apprehensions in 2008.  The Border Patrol reported 723,840 or 91% of all Apprehensions.  Of these, “705,022 occurred along the Southwest border.”  Here are the numbers for the affected areas:


(Source:  Department of Homeland Security.  Office of Immigration Statistics.  Immigration Enforcement Actions:  2008.  Washington, D.C.:  July 2009.  Web.  24 August 2010.)

It is quite clear from this graph who of our friends and neighbors are bearing the burden of this huge unending conflict.  Is it any wonder that the people of Arizona want to take their own action? In a real sense, they are losing their security by the federal government’s inaction in defending our national sovereignty by protecting the border.

For those of us who are living further away from the Southwest Border Battlefield, we should be very troubled by the approximately 178,000 illegal entrants who are not detected while crossing the border into the United States.  I’ll call these covert illegal immigrants.  Who they are and where are they are we never know.  If enforcement actions decrease, obviously this number of covert illegal immigrants will increase.

The drug trade is becoming very active in the business of smuggling illegal immigrants for payment.  Their work, since they are professionals, could be very effective in increasing the number of covert entries and increasing the damage to our national security.

Of the total 2008 Apprehensions (791,568), 693,592 or 87% were Mexicans.  What is wrong with Mexico that so many of its people want to leave it and come here?  Maybe it is the lack of economic freedom that has resulted from almost 70 years of single party rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).  In 2009 Mexico’s per capita income was $13,500 while the United States’ per capita income was $46,400.[i] If Mexico complains about our immigration policy, we should just tell them to let their people own land and liberate their statist economy.

Now we will look at overall costs of illegal immigration.  There are two levels of data, Federal costs and State costs.


(Source:  Martin, Jack and Eric A. Ruark.  “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers.”  Federation For American Immigration Reform.  July 2010:  p. 3-5, 31, 41-42, 55, 61, 64,71, 76.  Web.  4 August 2010.)

When divided by the number of illegal immigrants in the United States (11,600,000), the per capita yearly cost of these illegal immigrants is approximately $8,572.81.  If this per capita cost is the same as the benefits they are receiving per year, we are surely paying them to invade our territory while we simultaneously fight against them to prevent their illegal entry.  This is insane and extremely expensive to the American taxpayers.  And, anyone not properly counted in the 11,600,000 total just adds to the covert illegal immigration.  There is no rational argument for permitting illegal immigration.

We have thousands and thousands of miles of interstate highways, each with a number of 4 lanes for traffic.  What would it cost to build an interstate highway from the Pacific Ocean in San Diego to Brownsville, Texas on the Gulf of Mexico?

We could turn it on its edge, put each of the two lane sections back to back and have a concrete fence about 25 feet high all along the Mexican border.  Here is some expert opinion on the true cost of such a fence.

. . . A 2,000 mile state-of-the-art border fence has been estimated to cost between four and eight billion dollars.  Costs for a wall that would run the entire length of the border might be as low as $851 million for a standard 10-foot prison chain link fence topped by razor wire.  For another $362 million, the fence could be electrified.  A larger 12-foot tall, two-foot-thick concrete wall painted on both sides would run about $2 billion.[ii]

Assuming the low-end estimate of $2 billion to build the concrete border fence and the annual per capita cost of illegal immigrants to the U.S. government, we can determine how many illegal immigrants we need to keep out to repay the $2 billion for the fence.  If we divide the $8,572.81 per capita cost of each illegal immigrant into the $2 billion figure for the border fence, then the total number of illegal immigrants we need to keep out to repay the fence is 233,296.

So, if the 178,000 covert illegal immigrants that got into the U.S. in 2008 were stopped by a concrete border fence, approximately $1.5 billion dollars could be saved for every year they are not here.  Or, to put it another way, the full $2 billion cost of the fence would be paid for in just 16 months.  This would be a fabulous return on the investment to build this fence.  Yes, on a cost basis, not building the fence makes no sense.

The fence will be the best way to direct potential immigrants to our legal immigration system.

Under United States immigration law, there are two ways for non-U.S. citizens to legally enter into the United States.  The first way is via permanent admission.  Those admitted via permanent admission are classified as “Lawful Permanent Residents” and “Immigrants” and are given a green card.  These individuals are eligible to work in the United States and to later apply for U.S. citizenship.  To be eligible to enter into the United States as a “Lawful Permanent Resident,” aliens must be (1) an immediate relative of U.S. citizens or (2) another type of relative of a U.S. citizen under the Family-Sponsored Preference Admissions, (3) an individual with certain types of job skills under an Employment-Based Preference system, (4) a refugee or asylum-seeker who is unwilling or unable to return to his or her home country for fear of persecution or (5) an individual from a country with historically low immigration levels to the United States under the Diversity Program.[iii]

The second way for non-U.S. citizens to legally enter into the United States is on a temporary basis by means of a visa.  These “nonimmigrants” are allowed into the U.S. for a limited period of time for reasons such as “tourism, diplomatic missions, study, and temporary work.”[iv] These “nonimmigrants” are not eligible for citizenship.[v]

After building the fence, all hopeful immigrants can then be processed through this existing legal immigrant system.

With the background of all these realities, is it any wonder that the people of Arizona are desperate to defend their borders.

•About 3,500 acres of southern Arizona along the Mexican border is closed to U.S. citizens due to increased violence in the region.

The closed off area stretches 80 miles along the border and includes part of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.  It was closed in October 2006 ‘due to human safety concerns,’ the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Wednesday in response to news reports on the closure.[vi]

•Federal agents told Fox News that the border area is “out of control” and that “[e]very night we’re getting beaten like a piñata at a birthday party by drug, alien smugglers . . . .”[vii] With Mexican drug cartel members on American soil, federal border agents have said that the border is “more dangerous for them than ever now.”[viii]

•“The Department of Justice’s latest National Drug Threat Assessment says there were 267 kidnappings in Phoenix last year and 299 in 2008.  The report said the victims usually have a connection to immigrant smuggling groups and drug traffickers.”[ix]

The people of Arizona, through no fault of their own, live in and adjacent to an increasingly violent battlefield of illegal immigration and increasingly violent drug trafficking.

And so they decided to do something about it:

After years of dealing with a lack of enforcement of immigration law and border security by the federal government, the State of Arizona passed Senate Bill 1070 (as amended by House Bill 2162) to strengthen Arizona’s state law remedies for enforcing border security.  After signing the bill on April 23, 2010, Governor Jan Brewer reiterated the reasons for her decision to sign the legislation.

The bill I’m about to sign into law-Senate Bill 1070-represents another tool for our state to use as we work to solve a crises we did not create and the federal government has refused to fix . . .The crises caused by illegal immigration and Arizona’s porous border. . . .

It protects all of us, every Arizona citizen and everyone here in our state lawfully.[x]

And what happened to the State of Arizona to the almost unbelievable surprise of most of its citizens and its sympathetic supporters around the country?

The Obama Administration sued Arizona to invalidate the very law that will help them defend themselves.  The federal government, which should be their best friend in this struggle, wants to disarm them in the face of invasion.  How so?

To solve this mystery, we have to answer this question:  Is there any relationship between Obamacare and the insane toleration of illegal immigration by the federal government?

As the unpleasantness of Obamacare unfolds, the “Baby Boomers” are just beginning to enter and pass through Medicare.  They have been paying payroll taxes for 45 years since the establishment of Medicare in 1965.  And now quite simply, these people are not going to get Medicare as Medicare was before Obamacare.  They are going to get severe rationing of health care at the very point when they expect it would be one of the least of their problems.  So, these newly awakened and severely distressed people are going to desert the Democrat Party in herds.  And what will the Democrat Party do to compensate for the loss?  They need a whole new class of people from whom they can purchase voter loyalty for at least two generations.  Who is this new class of people?  Illegal immigrants.  What is the great gift they are going to receive from the Democrat Party?  Amnesty, which will give these new citizens the health care that was going to the Medicare payroll taxpayers . . . and voting rights.

And this is why Democrats have always tolerated, encouraged and promoted illegal immigration.  If they are successful, America may never recover from Obama’s Single Party Government.

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