July 25, 2011

In other news: More on Economy, Debt, Taxes, Obama, Failure, Housing, Media manipulation, more; Governmental failures and farces; government largess, unlimited, out of control, public sector, social programs, fraud and crime; West vs. Wasserman; Culture (of corruption) News; Creeping tyranny in America; and Obamacare, Medicare, ect.

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 News on the Economy, Debt, Taxes, Obama, Failure, Housing, Media manipulation, and more:

Debt Hurts Poor Most

By Tony Perkins – Family Research Council

President Obama is doing what he promised in his campaign for president — he is driving up energy costs. In the wake of his promise to decrease America’s dependence on fossil fuels, the poor are being hit the hardest as a higher proportion of their limited income is going for gasoline and electricity. The answer in the minds of liberal religious leaders who met with the President is not less government intervention and regulation, but more deficit federal spending. This is extremely shortsighted as pointed out in a Wall Street Journal piece today: the more government intervention and regulation the fewer jobs that are created. Levels of unemployment and underemployment not seen since the Great Depression are the direct result of Obama’s out-of-control spending and regulations. Big government policies that increase our nation’s debt hurt the poor the most.

Earlier this week Egan-Jones Ratings Company downgraded the U.S.’s credit rating. While Egan-Jones is a small firm, it could be an ominous warning. They were less concerned about a short-term delinquency triggered by a delay in raising the debt ceiling than a failure to bring federal spending under control. When the U.S. Government finds its credit rating lowered, this, too, hurts the poor. It means that more federal funds will go to paying Chinese creditors at higher interest rates. Those are funds not available to businesses to create entry-level jobs in America. Instead, we will hand over more billions to a Communist regime that persecutes Christians as I pointed out in a piece that was published today in both The American Spectator and Human Events. What can you do?

Contact your two U.S. Senators. Ask them to vote for the House-passed Cut, Cap, and Balance Act.


In the Jaws of the Dragon: Does the US Have an Unhealthy Relationship with China? – “America is obligated to China. It no longer has full sovereignty.” — Eamonn Fingleton


Debt Battle: Why Are Democrats So Afraid of Cut, Cap & Balance? – “Harry Reid is absolutely terrified about this bill.” — Colin Hanna 

Rep. Jim Jordan on Debt Battle: Americans Think We Should Cut Spending  – “The fiscal path that we are on is unsustainable” — Congressman Jim Jordan, Republican Study Committee Chair

‘Gang of Six’ – Reduce our publicly-held debt to roughly 70% of our economy by 2021. Are you kidding, we need immediate solutions not pass the buck for 10 years, not to mention the 70% is no laudable goal. We’re sick of this kind of government planning, 2021 when Obama will long since be gone and so will many or most of these Senators, it ridiculous to think they have any control over will will actually happen 10 years from now, and that these plans won’t change another dozen times in between. It’s simply bad policy and irresponsible!

Limit Poll to Push Compromise on the GOP” href=”http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=wsfjuicab&et=1106690434532&s=157670&e=001i3YSNvUE1AF9-35RXpF3XB_ac9Gen6fZSBnP49MqK7MTRajKTyJhUK8pv8bzY4bDSx9MycFLRJaU8xhdfsAJsYzzv_z0jIezWOoEbh0QDPYjGzTuGTQ6BtGkfsdkGGwQlKXf4MQGjD3WPBIZpu0fxN13IBM_n7bn1pkh6xt5EWal9kfbKCQF1RGNQmaytak2FDIK3zKSxW-PENvWpLjsYxagTI281Eoo” rel=”bookmark” target=”_blank”>Left Uses Skewed Debt Limit Poll to Push Compromise on the GOP

Debt Ceiling Negotiations the Chicago Way: Scaring Taxpayers and Threatening Seniors – “This administration plays politics the Chicago Way. They’ll scare seniors, take money away from GOP supporters, the works.” — Stephen Green 

The Hypocrite in Chief: Obama re-election fundraising is relying more on Wall Street Relying on wall street individuals and bundlers even more than he did in 2008!

Obama Willing to Sacrifice Economy for Politics by George Will

‘Cornered’ Obama and the administration’s lies about the economy
They spin fantastic tales of a rebounding economy, a country “continuing to move in the right direction.”

Government-Assisted Economic SuicideWSJ’s Moore: Meltdown Coming If U.S. Spending Spree Continues – June 4, 2011 — The debt debate isn’t a fire drill and is, instead, a real financial emergency, says Steven Moore. The Wall Street Journal’s senior economics writer contends a catastrophe could happen if the debt ceiling is raised without serious plans to control spending.Housing slide worse than Great Depression?IBD: The Great Depression — in real wages

The Age of Obama Fail by David Harsanyi – Recessions come and go. Typically we emerge with strong sustained growth. Not this time. Today we learned that employers added the fewest jobs in 8 months. Unemployment jumped back to 9.1 percent – and really, the level is 15.8 percent.

The housing market still stinks, as does other foundations of the economy. The answer from the Democrats has been bailout after bailout, antiquated economic schemes, huge expansion of regulation, calls for higher taxes, attacks on the profit motive, roadblocks to energy production, increasing moral hazard in markets, more crony capitalism, food stamps, dependency, massive new entitlement program, sharing of the prosperity but less new prosperity, the same wars (and more!), but no budget, no spending cuts and little economic hope. 

Ian Murray at The Corner explains:

Today’s much weaker than expected employment numbers show that the president’s agenda of more regulation and increased spending has undoubtedly failed. However much money he throws at the problem, entrepreneurs are not going to start adding jobs to the economy while the burden of regulation is so high. Regulations cost the economy $1.75 trillion each year. It is regulation that is dragging us back to recession.

And via Business Insider, here is a https://i2.wp.com/www.theblaze.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/chart2.jpg

Herman Cain: 80% Of Americans Don’t Want Tax Hikes. They Want Leadership and Economic Growth Now. – Herman Cain wouldn’t give a six-year old a loaded gun. So why would you give more money to President Obama?

Render Unto Obama Everything You Own– “The income tax is not a good way to tax people.” — Zo 

fairtaxUrgent: Petition, sign today!Dear FairTax Supporter, We need your help!  Please take less than two minutes to sign the petitionto the Committee on Ways and Means members,before the July 26th FairTax hearing on alternative tax sytems.Please go to www.fairtax.org/hearingand be a part of history right now. Forward this to your friends and spread the news on social media too – we need signatures to make an impact! This is the first time since the FairTax was introduced to Congress that the Committee on Ways and Means has looked at the legislation that will transform our nation’s economy, bring back the “Made in America” label, let you keep your paycheck free of Uncle Sam and of course – shutter the IRS.There’s no better time than now to tell our leaders in Washington that we need the FairTax, and we need it now!  


Here’s an Idea: How About a Real Social Security Trust Fund?

by Rick Richman – Yes, an actual trust, with an actual fund.

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On Governmental failures and farces:

Geithner Action at NY Fed Under Scrutiny (over AIG bailout, what should be dubbed AIG scandal)

US Loses $1.3B in Chrysler Bailout – What me and countless others predicted would happen years ago has finally happened–the U.S. government admits that it lost money on bailing out Chrysler:

Bachmann is right – Probe Pigford Fraud

Oversight: As the hearing to give approval to the final settlement for the Pigford farmers approaches, it’s time to investigate this classic case of waste, fraud and abuse. Somewhere Van Jones … More »

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On government largess, unlimited, out of control, public sector fleecing the private, social programs run amok, and another sting on government programs, fraud and crime:

Yet another confirmation of what we know to be happening in most states and the fed. It’s out of hand, no longer sustainable, and must be reformed whether the public unions (that should have never been)( like it or not! Illinois Study: Public Employees Earn Nearly 29 Percent More Than Private Sector Employees

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