Molotov Mitchel-On the Record

Molotov discusses the Tea Parties and refreshes viewers on America’s tax history, while castigating income tax as a form of tyranny.

Molotov Mitchell takes a moment for public awareness by explaining the crippling disease “Democratic Dyslexic Disorder” a.k.a. “DDD”.

Honduras defeated their tyrannical president. Iran’s fighting theirs. What’s up with America? “Fo…

In this first episode of “For The Record”, Molotov Mitchell sounds off about Barack Obama’s reversal of the Mexico City Policy after only two days of being sworn in. …  

Molotov tackles America’s second biggest evil: public education? “For The Record” promotes vouchers and..  

“For The Record” episodes normally upload 1 month after appearing on under Molotov’s column. Molotov Mitchell exposes homosexuals’ aversion to the ultimate Judge.  

Molotov Mitchell tells the REAL story about Harvey Milk, the gay politician Sean Penn has falsely lionized as a gay martyr in the movie “MILK”.


For The Record : Right Wing Extremists

Molotov Mitchell dispels myriad myths liberals put forth as truth.

Molotov takes a closer look at the people Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman call “kooks” and “c…  

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