Saving Freedom

Saving Freedom

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    Chapter Downloads

    LIMITED TIME: Download Chapter 13, “The Plan to Save Freedom

    Feel free to download a chapter of Saving Freedom for your enjoyment and understanding.  It’s important that we will join in the fight to save our country’s freedom.

    The current sample chapter is Saving Freedom: Chapter 1, which tells Jim DeMint’s own personal story.

    Check back frequently or follow us on twitter (@SavingFreedom) to get the other sample chapters as they become available!

     Part I—The Rise and Fall of Freedom in America

    Introduction: Freedom and Socialism

    “Americans will fight for their freedom, but we need leaders who will show the way. We need a clear vision and a pathway out of our dependency. We need to understand how to translate our values and principles into policies that will reduce the government stranglehold on our beliefs,our economy and our lives. We must believe that freedom will work for everyone. And we need to know the true enemy of freedom: socialism.”

    Chapter One: From Normal to Politician

    “My only interest in politics was a desire to make government work better. It seemed to me government should make freedom work for everyone and not try to use problems as an excuse to replace freedom with more government.”

    Chapter Two: The Siren Song of Socialism

    “Even when voters know government programs seldom work, they often succumb to the promise that government can solve their problems and make life better. This is the siren song of socialism and it has proved irresistible for every democracy in history.”

    Chapter Three: The Allure and Dangers of Socialism

    “History has proven that it is impossible for governments to manage the economic and social structure of society without diminishing economic progress and severely restricting the freedoms of individuals. Nevertheless, the promise of equal outcomes and security by the political class has lured many Americans into the trap of government dependency. We seem to have forgotten that freedom has a price; and that price is hard work and risk.”

    Chapter Four: The Fight for Freedom

    “Every generation of Americans has had to fight for freedom, and our generation is no exception. The difference today: our greatest enemy is not a foreign government or even a terrorist group. The dual threat to America’s freedom is the lack of understanding of the meaning of freedom in the hearts and minds of Americans and the public policies deployed by elected officials who have lost sight of why America is great.”

     Chapter Five: Free to Choose

    When an individual goes through the process of making a decision, he is developing his capability to live free. This is the “means” to freedom. The opportunity to pursue a personal objective through one’s own initiative and decision making is freedom . . . the “end” goal of the development process.”

    Part II—Principles and Institutions of Freedom

    Chapter Six: Freedom vs. Big Government

    “Government is an essential institution for the development of freedom. We must have a framework of law, order, and justice for freedom to grow and thrive. America’s government has grown well beyond the constitutional framework provided by our founders. Our federal government is no longer the referee for our economy and culture; it is now the biggest player on the field.”

    Chapter Seven: Big Government’s Impossible Dream

    “Despite political promises to reduce pain and to make things right for everyone, the top-down decision making and bureaucratic management of government always deliver an inferior service at a higher price than competitive, free market providers.”

    Chapter Eight: The History of Faith and Freedom

     “As faith retreats, morality and virtue decline, extinguishing the ability of the people to live without external controls. When virtue is lost, government force is all that remains to control an uncontrollable people. The more external force is used, the less freedom can prevail and the more the people contrive to throw off all restraints. Lawlessness and immorality rule.”

     Chapter Nine: The Separation of God and America

    “When the Supreme Court banned the teaching of respect for God, it effectively rejected the traditionalist worldview and replaced it with a secular-socialist worldview. As America slides with increasing speed toward a secular-socialistic state, Americans must decide who and what we want to be as a people and a nation.”

    Chapter Ten: Freedom and the Rule of Law

    “Laws will be respected only when they are derived from a fixed set of consensus principles governing the lawmakers. Fixed principles (i.e. a constitution) give the laws a moral authority that elicits respect and voluntary compliance by citizens. Reactive, arbitrary lawmaking undermines constitutional government and the “rule of law.”

    Chapter Eleven: Personal Responsibility and Freedom

    “Freedom begins with the individual and the individual begins to be free as he or she develops the capabilities to act independently. Some call this selfish individualism, demanding that we focus more on relationships and the good of the group. These critics fail to understand that the group can only succeed when it is composed of capable, responsible individuals.”

    Chapter Twelve: Capitalism and Freedom

    “The most foundational principle of freedom—spiritual, economic, and political freedom—is built on the voluntary actions of capable, morally-guided individuals. Capitalism further develops individualism and extends freedom. Free market capitalism is the institution serving as the catalyst for the development of individual motivation, skills, and material advancement.”

    Part III—Action Plans

    Chapter Thirteen: The Plan to Save Freedom

    “In a free society, the best solutions are always “bottom up” not “top down.” Freedom is built one person at a time. We have every reason to be optimistic about America’s future because if we show Americans the target, they’ll shoot. The readers of this book now know what the target of freedom looks like. Please lift it up for everyone to see! Future generations will thank you for saving freedom.”

    Chapter Fourteen: Citizenship 101

    “Freedom is under assault from every direction. You might be tempted to throw up your hands in despair and say, “I’m just one person: what can I really do to help?” But you can make a big difference if you know how to stay informed and get involved.”

    Book Review: Saving Freedom by Jim DeMint

    August, 4 2009

    I have heard it said that President Obama does not like him. That would make sense, because if there is anyone in Washington who represents the antithesis of Obama, it is him: Senator Jim DeMint is the anti-Obama….(full review)


    Saving Freedom Album CoverListen and download “Saving Freedom” and “A New Declaration,” two great songs inspired by and written for the concepts and ideas in Saving Freedom!

    1. Saving Freedom
    2. A New Declaration of Independence

    Saving Freedom

    Paul Marino/Jeremy Johnson
    Download ‘Saving Freedom’

    In the spring of 1776
    He left his wife and he left his kids
    He left it all for Lady Liberty
    And when the bombs were lighting up that sky
    He fought hard with his head held high
    Cause deep down in his soul he believed

    That’s a chance worth taking
    A choice worth making
    In the name of saving freedom
    It’s a dream worth waking
    A flag worth waving
    In the name of saving freedom

    December 1941
    They drew first blood and killed our sons
    And tried to bring our country to her knees
    But they soon came to realize
    We don’t go down without a fight
    And we take pride in the land of the free


    The time has come around again
    Freedom calls us to defend
    Where she’s going, where she’s been
    Are you out or are you in?


    © 2009 Van Ness Press, Inc. (ASCAP)

    A New Declaration of Independence

    Paul Marino/Jeremy Johnson
    Download ‘A New Declaration’

    There are no walls
    There is no ceiling
    Nothin but sky
    Nothin but freedom
    Dream what you wanna dream
    Be who you wanna be

    All over this land
    People still believe in
    The American way
    Think it’s something worth keeping
    I’d have to say that I agree
    If you’re like me, then

    Raise old glory high
    Let those stars and stripes
    Remind us why we still fight
    To keep that dream alive
    To stand up for our rights
    It’s the cry of a nation
    A new declaration of independence

    Never forget
    Those who came before us
    And all that they gave
    Can you hear the voices
    Calling you and me
    To guard that liberty


    Let us come together
    Make tomorrow better
    We will stand, hand in hand
    Underneath the banner


    © 2009 Van Ness Press, Inc. (ASCAP)


    Author Bio

    Jim DeMint, United States Senator, South Carolina, is also chairman of the Senate Steering Committee. He understands a country’s greatness is found in its people and values, not its government. For standing up against wasteful spending in Congress and saving Americans nearly $17 billion, a Wall Street Journal editor called DeMint the “taxpayers’ greatest ally.” Furthermore, DeMint was ranked as the Senate’s most conservative member by National Journal and as more

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